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Event Dates and Times

12/3/2015 - Starts: 3:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
12/3/2015 - Starts: 3:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
Western Technical College: Business Education Center Room 106
Register with Community Engagement at 608-789-4798 or reyburnk@westerntc.edu.
Kari Reyburn Community Engagement at 608-789-4798 or reyburnk@westerntc.edu.

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Exploring Windows 10

Event Dates and Times

12/2/2015 - Starts: 3:00 PM - Ends: 5:00 PM
Western Technical College: Business Education Center Room 219
Needs to bring their own computer with windows 10. Please register with Community Engagement at 608-789-4798 or reyburnk@westerntc.edu.
Kari Reyburn Community Engagement at 608-789-4798 or reyburnk@westerntc.edu.

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Make Your Own Snowshoes

Event Dates and Times

1/10/2016 - Starts: 9:30 AM - Ends: 3:30 PM
1/9/2016 - Starts: 9:30 AM - Ends: 3:30 PM
Beaver Creek Reserve, Wise Nature Center, S1 Cty Rd K, Fall Creek, WI 54742
Snowshoeing has become a popular winter activity. Make your own traditional, wooden snowshoes in this two-day workshop. Choose from three styles of snowshoes: Green Mountain bear paw (10” x 36”), Alaskan trail shoe (10” x 56”) or the great, all-purpose Ojibwa style (11” x 54”). All shoes are laced with tubular nylon, which is comfortable to work with, and has great strength when varnished. Bring to class: PATIENCE, bag lunch, tape measure, pencil, scissors and matches or lighter.
Registration and full payment required by December 15.
Friends $160 Nonmembers $180
Rebecca Thacker, 715-877-2212

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Welcome to Facebook

Event Dates and Times

12/1/2015 - Starts: 2:30 PM - Ends: 4:30 PM
Western Technical College: Business Education Center Room 219
Register with Community Engagement at 608-789-4798 or reyburnk@westerntc.edu.
Kari Reyburn 608-789-4798 reyburnk@westerntc.edu

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Beginning Sign Language

Event Dates and Times

1/11/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 8:30 PM
UW-Eau Claire Campus
Knowing the basics of Sign Language can be an invaluable skill. Our Beginning Sign Language class is designed for anyone interested in learning to communicate through sign including parents, teachers, health care professionals, child care providers and others who work directly with the public. Beginning Sign Language 2 is for those who have already taken an introductory BSL class or have equivalent experience. We’ll begin with a “refresher” class, and then move on to new material. The class covers more advanced vocabulary, expressive techniques, and in-depth topics in deaf culture. Much of our time will be spent practicing the fundamentals of conversation and expression that were introduced in BSL 1. This is an eight week course.
Brett Schroedel, schroeb@uwec.edu, 715.836.4914

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Intro to Adobe Photoshop

Event Dates and Times

12/1/2015 - Starts: 2:30 PM
Western Technical College: Coleman Room 102. La Crosse, WI
Register with Community Engagement at 608-789-4798 or reyburnk@westerntc.edu.
Kari Reyburn at 608-789-4798 or reyburnk@westerntc.edu.

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Sales Skills Training to Transform Your Business

Event Dates and Times

2/5/2016 - Starts: 8:30 AM - Ends: 4:30 PM
UW-Eau Claire Schneider Hall Rm 320; 105 Garfield Avenue
The biggest problem business leaders face in today’s competitive business environment is increasing their revenues and margins. Sales and marketing departments have been investing significant resources to drive new business, including generating leads and providing in-house sales training for their sales representatives and customer service people. Unfortunately industry statistics indicate that 75% of leads are never called by a sales professional and, when surveyed, sales professionals consistently rank prospecting, sales skills training and lead follow up as their least favorite selling activity.
Sales Skills Training to Transform Your Business helps companies solve this problem by strengthening the prospecting and selling skills of all sales representatives, sales managers and customer-service people using innovative teaching methods. The sales training seminar is based on proven successful teaching methods used in the university classroom. Many of the same teaching techniques and sales games that will be presented at the seminar have been used to coach student members of the UW-Eau Claire Sales Team to the National Collegiate Sales Competition Team Championship in 2014. The Center for Sales and Sales Management at UW-Eau Claire is recognized as a certified Sales Center by the University Sales Center Alliance.
Why Attend Sales Skills Training to Transform Your Business:
Does this reflect your sales force?
• On average less than 55% of sales representatives are making quota
• Customers say "no" 6 times before they say "yes" while on average 65% of sales professionals stop at the second "no"
• It might surprise you that 75% of new leads never receive a sales call from a sales representative
Companies who have had their salespeople attend sales training seminars experienced on average:
• 17% increase in sales from acquisition of new customers
• 45% reduction in sales cycle time
• 22% increase in sales of high margin, add-on business to current customers
Sales Skills Training Includes:
• Ways to identify your perfect customer and focusing on only top prospects
• Understand your behavioral style and how to sell to the customers behavioral style
• Prospect using technology as today’s approach is more than just bond and rapport. The key is asking questions and listening—SPIN questioning and learning how to ask the next logical question
• Be a solutions provider and know how to demonstrate your product or service effectively
• Validate what you say with third party evidence, this will help you gain trust
• Negotiation is something every sales person should be doing, buyers are now trained negotiators
• Know how and when to close the sale
• Building long-term relationships with clients and not being afraid to ask for referrals
• Traits of great sales people
Brett Schroedel; schroeb@uwec.edu; Phone#: 715-836-4914; Website: http://www.uwec.edu/CE/programs/sales-skills-training.htm

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Childhood ADHD: Evidence-Based Practice and Practical Solutions

Event Dates and Times

Clarion Hotel 2703 Craig Rd. Eau Claire, WI 54701

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders diagnosed in childhood. Current estimates suggest that approximately 11% of children and adolescents have been diagnosed with ADHD and these numbers continue to climb. While stimulant medication is often a front-line treatment, it does not, by itself, adequately address the functional impairments associated with ADHD such as noncompliance, poor social skills or academic failure.

In this one-day course, you’ll explore practical and proven approaches to ADHD assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. A comprehensive assessment protocol and evidence-based treatment options will be presented. Interventions will focus on problem-solving, social and self-management skill development delivered through parent training and teacher consultation.

At the conclusion of this program, you will be able to:

• Describe the symptoms, diagnostic criteria and associated problems of ADHD.

• Summarize developmental progression, gender differences and cultural considerations of ADHD.

• Identify four misconceptions about what causes ADHD.

• Describe how negative reinforcement might contribute to inattention.

• Implement assessment best practices and conduct structured behavioral observations.

• Effectively discuss ADHD with parents and help families cope with an ADHD diagnosis.
• Implement evidence-based interventions to treat ADHD.
Name: Brett Schroedel, Phone: 715-836-4194, Website: http://www.uwec.edu/CE/programs/childhood-adhd.htm

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Women’s Business Center’s Introductory Session

Event Dates and Times

Western Dairyland 418 Wisconsin St. Eau Claire, WI 54703 Starting December 2nd and ending February 17th: 1st Wednesday of the month: live webinar from noon to 1pm 3rd Wednesday of the month: 5-6pm at the Western Dairyland Business Center, 418 Wisconsin Street, Eau Claire.
Starting in December, free introductory sessions to the Western Dairyland Women's Business Center will be offered twice monthly for individuals interested in receiving assistance with starting, growing or improving a small business.

1st Wednesday of the month: live webinar from noon to 1pm
3rd Wednesday of the month: 5-6pm at the Western Dairyland Business Center, 418 Wisconsin Street, Eau Claire.

This introductory session will provide information on how to qualify as a client of the Western Dairyland Women's Business Center and access the many free and low-cost services and classes offered. Other topics covered include an inventory of entrepreneurial characteristics, information on common ways to finance a business and how to mitigate risk by assessing business feasibility through the development of a business plan. Each participant will leave with an individualized action plan on how to move forward with their specific business goals.

There are three easy ways to register and pay for the class: online at www.SuccessfulBusiness.org, by phone at 715-836-7511 ext. 1171, or in person at the Western Dairyland office in Eau Claire. Because space is limited, pre-registration is requested.
Michelle Wanstead

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Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department 2016 Citizen Police Academy

Event Dates and Times

1/4/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
1/11/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
1/18/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
1/25/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
2/1/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
2/8/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
2/15/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
2/22/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
2/29/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
3/7/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
3/14/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
3/21/2016 - Starts: 6:30 PM - Ends: 9:00 PM
Eau Claire
Eau Claire County 2016 Citizen Police Academy

The Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce the 2nd annual Eau Claire County citizen police academy. During the academy, Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office members will offer the public new insights and an understanding into how the office serves the community on a day to day basis.
The citizen police academy will be a 12-week program that will focus on classroom training, as well as give the attendees a fun, yet educational hands-on experience into some police practices. Academy classes will be taught by various personnel from the Sheriff's office or supporting agency staff. Each deputy or other personnel responsible for teaching will address an area they are a specialist in or have a high degree of experience performing. Such areas address basic criminal law, patrol procedures, narcotics, gangs, SWAT, courts, DA's Office, corrections, use of force, investigations, firearms, Taser, building searches, traffic enforcement-OWI and many others.
This academy sessions will begin on Monday January 4th, 2016, with a graduation date scheduled for March 21st,2016. Class sessions will run from 6:30 p.m. - to approximately 9:00 p.m., every Monday evening. The exception will be Monday March 14th, 2015. In its place will be a Saturday March 19th scenario based session that will run from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. We encourage participants to be able to attend ten (10) of the twelve (12) academy sessions. Class size is limited, so apply early. In order to be eligible to attend the academy, you must work in or be a resident of Eau Claire County or any municipality within Eau Claire County and have no criminal record. Selected applicants must pass a background check and agree to sign a liability waiver.
The application process will run from Monday October 5th, 2015 through Monday December 28th. Completed application packets can be directed to the attention of: Academy Coordinator Sgt. Travis Holbrook 721 Oxford Ave, Ste. #1400, Eau Claire WI, 54703. Applications for the 2015 academy session can be obtained on the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office website, under the Citizen Academy link, on the left hand side of the page
Sgt Travis Holbrook, 721 Oxford Ave, Ste 1400, Eau Claire WI, 54703 (715) 839-2972

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"Friday's Double Fun Activity Class" with Miss Haley

Event Dates and Times

12/18/2015 - Starts: 10:30 AM
12/11/2015 - Starts: 10:30 AM
12/4/2015 - Starts: 10:30 AM
11/6/2015 - Starts: 10:30 AM
11/13/2015 - Starts: 10:30 AM
11/20/2015 - Starts: 10:30 AM
Tiny Tots Playhouse, Fall Creek, WI
Join Miss Haley in our double fun activity class at Tiny Tots Playhouse. A six week Friday (am) course that can be joined in weekly for FREE!!! Each week Miss Haley will mix a fun interactive exercise class and an art/craft project or story time - together - ( all craft supplies included.) Come for the class and stay for the playhouse fun!!!
Sally Ellison, 715-267-6823

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The Parenting Class

Event Dates and Times

12/9/2015 - Starts: 1:00 PM - Ends: 2:00 PM
11/11/2015 - Starts: 1:00 PM - Ends: 2:00 PM
Family Resource Center of Eau Claire
The Parenting Class will cover various general parenting topics such as: co-parenting, communication, discipline, routines and dealing with children’s anger.
Available online as well.
$10 charge for this class (online and in person)
Family Resource Center

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Yoga for Youth

Event Dates and Times

Latitude 44 Yoga Studio - Eau Claire
Bring your little ones, ages 3-11, and join us for yoga! Yoga for Youth makes for a fun family outing that incorporates fitness, movement, and education! Parents may attend free of charge.

This class is not heated
Latitude 44 Yoga Studio
313 E. Madison Street
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703
Studio: (715) 828-3936

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Prenatal Yoga

Event Dates and Times

313 E Madison St Eau Claire, WI
This class is designed to strengthen and support your body throughout your pregnancy. Meditation, breath, and movement are used to focus on awareness and muscles that are key to a healthy pregnancy and labor. Connect with your body's innate wisdom and other moms-to-be in the area!
Who it's for: Pregnant women in all stages of their pregnancy and with all levels of yoga experience!
Amy Erickson, 715-450-1062(cell), 715-828-3936(studio)

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Postnatal Yoga

Event Dates and Times

313 E Madison St. Eau Claire, WI
Postnatal yoga assists with recovery and gently rebuilding the pelvic floor and abdominals. Your baby and partner are welcome to join the class as well. This class is not heated.
Amy Erickson, 715-450-1062(cell), 715-828-3936 (studio)

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Tech Tuesdays

Event Dates and Times

2 - 4 p.m.
L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire
Stop in on the second Tuesday of each month to get FREE personal training on your e-reader, iPad, laptop, or tablet at our Tech Tuesday table.
Library staff will answer your questions about how your device works, how to load e-books, apps, music onto it, and how to solve those annoying little problems that we all have from time to time!
Information & Reference, 715-839-5004

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Doodle Art 3 - Tangles

Event Dates and Times

6 - 8 pm
Heyde Center for the Arts, 3 South High Street , Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
If you don't think doodling is a serious art form, then think again! Doodling is purposeful action that is helpful in memory retention, allows for creative expression, and can be calming – almost meditative. In addition to creating trendy “tangles,” you will learn the best use of color and shading in the tangles to create beautiful art. Admission: $30 per person.
Debra Johnson, Executive Director

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Employee Evaluation and Performance Management

Event Dates and Times

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Metropolis Resort 5150 Fairview Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54701
The greatest management failure may be the ineffective delivery of performance evaluation feedback. This process is ongoing, extending beyond the formal annual performance appraisal meeting. Done well, it can lead to increased engagement, productivity and loyalty. This session will provide participants with proven techniques for delivering effective feedback and conducting constructive performance appraisals, even when the news is bad.

Participants will learn how to:
• Communicate clear, specific and measurable objectives
• Identify and gather essential, objective, performance data
• Maintain a positive work climate
• Use proven coaching techniques to improve productivity
• Strengthen work relationships through effective communication

Cost is $600 for two-day seminar. Includes instruction, materials, lunch, refreshments and snacks.
Register through September 11th for a $50 discount.
Brett Schroedel

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Leather Moccasin Sneakers

Event Dates and Times

9 am-4:30 pm
Driftless Folk School, La Farge, WI
Cut, punch and handstitch your way to a brand new pair of casual leather shoes. Learn to measure your feet and discuss ways to alter patterns for new designs. Embellishment techniques will be introduced and soling options discussed. $ 75.00 course registration fee, $85 materials fee. limited to 10 participants.
608.632.3348 | http://driftlessfolkschool.org/
Melody Smith 608-632-3348

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Spoon Carving

Event Dates and Times

6:30-8:30 p.m.
Driftless Folk School Viroqua, Wisconsin
This course will be an exploration of the various approaches to carving wooden spoons using hand tools. It is open to anyone, regardless of skill level or experience. Beginners are particularly welcome. There will be lots of carving with plenty of one-on-one instruction for all participants. Some topics to be covered include finding and selecting wood, designing and making a spoon blank, choosing and sharpening tools, and carving techniques, including hatchet use. Carving knives will be available for use (and purchase).
Melody Smith, Registrar

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Co-Parenting: Little Children, Big Challenges

Event Dates and Times

Family Resource Center, Oakwood Malls, Sears Wing
Whether you’re divorced, separated or are looking for guidance in co-parenting, “Co-Parenting: Little Children, Big Challenges” is the place for you. While you learn about seeing through your child’s eyes and practical solutions for co-parenting—your child will be engaging in fun activities, learning about regulating emotions and ‘two-hug days’. Register online at www.frcec.org or call 715-833-1735.
Family Resource Center

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Yoga Tree Fundraiser

Event Dates and Times

12/14/2013 - Starts: 10:00 AM
3701 Highway 12, Eau Claire, WI
Have some fun by doing yoga this weekend! Signup to join any of the two classes being offered. The proceeds will benefit the Community Table in Eau Claire, which supplies meals to those less fortunate.

http://www.weau.com/community/events/124650074.html | 124650074

Using QuickBooks in Your Business

Event Dates and Times

418 Wisconsin Street, Eau Claire, WI.
The Western Dairyland Business Center and Evlyn Carlile of Simple Office Solutions are presenting the hands-on training series Using QuickBooks in Your Business. Classes will be held from 6-9 p.m. on July 12 & 19 at the Western Dairyland Community Action Agency, 418 Wisconsin St., Eau Claire.

In Session 1 (July 12) attendees will learn the basics, create a company file, and learn how to process and pay bills. Session 2 (July 19) will cover transactions with vendors and customers, including invoices and receiving payments.

During the classes, attendees will set up a personalized company file which they will be able to import to their own business computer system. Classes will use Premier QuickBooks 2011.

Laptops will be provided for use during the classes, therefore space is limited to 20 participants. Payment and registration are required by July 8. Tuition is $99 for the series and scholarships are available for income-eligible individuals. No experience with QuickBooks is necessary, but attendees should have basic computer skills.

There are three easy ways to register and pay: online at www.SuccessfulBusiness.org, by phone at 836-7511 ext. 171, or in person at the Western Dairyland office at 418 Wisconsin Street, Eau Claire.
Karman Briggs

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Weight Management

Event Dates and Times

Luther Midelfort Clinic, 733 W. Clairemont Ave
Free orientation meetings are held weekly on alternating Mondays and Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. at Luther Midelfort’s clinic on 733 W. Clairemont Ave. This month’s meetings will be held June 6, 14, 20 and 28. Call 715-838-6731 to register.

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