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William Kent Krueger

Date(s): 11/4/2014


Rice Lake Public Library Rice Lake, WI
William Kent Krueger reads from his latest book and the next novel in the Cork O’Connor series, Windigo Island.
Linda Mullin lindamullin@ricelakegov.org

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Write a great novel without going crazy-

Date(s): 10/25/2014


Rice Lake Public Library Rice Lake, WI
-the 12 things you need to know with Joel D. Canfield.
Joel D Canfield is a mystery author and writing coach
Kerri Ashlin kerriashlin@ricelakegov.org 715-234-4861 x15

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Author B.J. Hollars

Date(s): 11/12/2014

7:00-8:00 pm

Fall Creek Public Library, Fall Creek, WI
Award-winning author and UW-Eau Claire English professor B.J. Hollars will discuss his new book, Dispatches from the Drownings: Reporting the Fiction of Non-Fiction. Disturbed by stories of drownings in the river behind his home in Eau Claire, Hollars combed the archives of local newspapers only to discover vast discrepancies in articles about the deaths. In homage to Michael Lesy's cult classic, Wisconsin Death Trip, Hollars pairs reports from late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century journalists with fictional versions, creating a hybrid text complete with facts, lies, and a wide range of blurring in between.
Alyson Jones, Director, Fall Creek Public Library, 715-877-3334

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Karen Hurd- "Perfumes and Fragrances: Passionate But Perilous"

Date(s): 11/18/2014

7:00-8:00 pm

Fall Creek Public Library, Fall Creek, WI
The nutritionist, author, and proprietor of Karen R. Hurd Nutritional Practice, LLC in Fall Creek will present “Perfumes and Fragrances: Passionate But Perilous.” Perfumes are pervasive in our society. Everything from dish soap to shampoo to aftershave is scented. In this lecture, we’ll explore why fragrances make us feel good, dipping into chemistry and biology to do so. We’ll then take a look at the short- and long-term effects of fragrances on the body. Nutritional notes for combating some negative effects will also be included in our examination. Fragrances are all around us, but we rarely think of their effect. They have a bigger impact on our health than we realize! Join us as we explore scientifically why.
Alyson Jones, Director, Fall Creek Public Library, 715-877-3334

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Wheel of Reading summer reading program for adults

Date(s): 6/2/2014, 6/3/2014, 6/4/2014, 6/5/2014, 6/6/2014, 6/7/2014, 6/8/2014, 6/9/2014, 6/10/2014, 6/11/2014, 6/12/2014, 6/13/2014, 6/14/2014, 6/15/2014, 6/16/2014, 6/17/2014, 6/18/2014, 6/19/2014, 6/20/2014, 6/21/2014, 6/22/2014, 6/23/2014, 6/24/2014, 6/25/2014, 6/26/2014, 6/27/2014, 6/28/2014, 6/29/2014, 6/30/2014, 7/1/2014, 7/2/2014, 7/3/2014, 7/4/2014, 7/5/2014, 7/6/2014, 7/7/2014, 7/8/2014, 7/9/2014, 7/10/2014, 7/11/2014, 7/12/2014, 7/13/2014, 7/14/2014, 7/15/2014, 7/16/2014, 7/17/2014, 7/18/2014, 7/19/2014, 7/20/2014, 7/21/2014, 7/22/2014, 7/23/2014, 7/24/2014, 7/25/2014, 7/26/2014, 7/27/2014, 7/28/2014, 7/29/2014, 7/30/2014, 7/31/2014, 8/1/2014, 8/2/2014, 8/3/2014, 8/4/2014


LE Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire
Read or listen to any three books of your choice to complete a spin card and be eligible to spin the wheel for prizes, books, or an extra chance to enter your name in the weekly drawing for a book of your choice. Complete a spin card and you'll be entered in the August 6 grand prize drawings. Beginning June 2, stop by Information & Reference to register and pick up your "Wheel of Reading" spin card!
Information & Reference, 715-839-5004

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