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Heart for Luther Park

10:00am - 4pm

Luther Park Bible Camp, Chetek WI
Luther Park Bible Camp will be holding our annual "Heart for Luther Park" summer celebration on Saturday, August 9th, 2014, at the camp's main site. The day will feature: a Brick Oven Pizza Lunch, By Firewoods Travelling Pizzaria, starting at 11:00am. The celebration also includes - a Silent Auction, Pie and Ice Cream Social, and many games and activities for kids of all ages. At 1:30pm, the Craft and Quilt Auction will begin. All are welcome!

Luther Park is located 1 mile north of Chetek, just off of County Road M.

For directions to camp and other information, please visit our website: www.lutherpark.org

Luther Park Bible Camp is a non-profit, outdoor ministry of the ELCA which operates all year round. Proceeds from this event will support our Christian ministry by helping to pay for operating expenses and provide scholarships for campers as needed.
Diana Thompson, Luther Park Bible Camp
Chetek, WI 715-859-2215

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Circle T Saddle Club Fun Pleasure Show


Thorp Wisconsin
A Fun Pleasure Horse Show will be held on Saturday August 9th 2014. Show starts at 11:00 am at the club grounds.
Michelle @ 715-512-0678
Antonette @ 715-828-1726

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Menomonie Archery Club Shoot


Menomonie Archery Club, Menomonie, WI
Come either day and enjoy the outdoors. 30 3-D targets set in a natural sounding. Bring your bow and arrows and wear good shoes as the course is physically demanding.
Cost is $10.00
Steve Joncas 715-664-8626

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Kentons Walk to Remember Miscarried and Stillborn Babies


Carson Park, Eau Claire
We are seeking Teams, Sponsors and Vendors for Kentons Walk to Remember Miscarried and Stillborn Babies an overnight walk so families of pregnancy and infant loss can take the dark hours and lean on eachother..

Here is why we are doing this

Kenton Roy James Micah Penigar Stephenson, was stillborn via emergency C-section to Misty Penigar on Tuesday March 4th 2014. During the anticipation of his birth be brought much joy and excitement to his family and those around his mother. Kenton was a very active baby. Everything seemed perfect till those ten minutes before his birth when everything went wrong..

Kenton's mother had planned on breastfeeding him, then donating her breast milk when he was done nursing. She is in the process of getting set up to donate herself. But there is a lack of knowledge, and or center's in her area for breast milk donation and Misty want's to rectify the situation.

The goal is to raise enough money to pay rent in advance at the local mall, as well as to purchase some electric breast pumps , milk storage bags, and furniture for mother's to come into Kenton's place (named in honor of this tiny prince) to take breast feeding classes, birthing classes, join support groups for nursing and for grieving parents and grandparents.

Kenton's place will be a place of hope while providing tiny little humans with the milk they need to survive when their mother's are just unable to produce enough. Studies show that breast milk is best even if donated, and we want to provide this service in honor and Memory of Kenton..

Please support us in this endeavor, and honor this little prince's memory as well as the memory of many other babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth or sids.

Our goal is to open the doors by March 4th 2015.. The day we met and lost Kenton.

We need your help!!

We are holding the first annual Walk to Remember Miscarried and Stillborn Babies at Carson Park in Eau Claire, Overnight Saturday August 9th at 5pm and ending Sunday August 10 at Noon.
There will be entertainment and activities throughout the evening as families coping with the loss of their infant children band together to support one another.

Below are links to all of the pages we have for anyone who is interested in the event.

Here is the Facebook link to the event for more infomation

Here is the Facebook link to the vendor page, for those interested in becoming a vendor https://www.facebook.com/groups/Kentonswalkvendors

Here s the Facebook link to the teams page:

Here is the Facebook link to the vendor page, for those interested in becoming a sponsor: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kentonswalktoremmbersponsors/

Here is the gofundme.com link..
wwwgofundme.com/kentonsplace https://www.facebook.com/events/233281763543178/

For WEAU News Story View here

Misty Penigar mistypenigar@yahoo.com
Racheal Ulberg Doula (715) 563-3860

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