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Claude Bourban

Event Dates and Times

7:30 p.m
Heyde Center for the Arts, 3 South High Street, Chippewa Falls, WI
Claude Bourbon is a formidable performer. He grew up in Switzerland where he was classically trained for many years, and is now based in the UK. Bourbon has created an unbelievable mix of classical and jazz music with Spanish and Latin influences and strains of Western folk .He plucks, picks and strums his guitar at such speed and precision that his fingers lightly dance over the strings and create a unique “Claude” sound. Bourbon has performed with several top international musicians, including sax player Steve Grossman (Miles Davis Band) and Charlie Morgan (Elton John, Gary Moore). www.claudebourb​on.org

“A breathtaking acoustic fusion of world music from a stunning guitar virtuoso.” Altadena News USA

Admission: adults $10, seniors $9, and youth $5
Heyde Center for the Arts 715-726-9000