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Skull-N-Bones Gravel Challenge 100/50/25

Bruce WI
Skull-N-Bones Gravel Challenge 100/50/25

Tag line:

This will be an annual bike challenge held in the blue hills of northern WI. This event is not for the faint of heart. Participants will be tested mentally, physically and emotionally by the hills and valleys of this majestic wilderness. Come no further if ye not be persons of valor for challenges await that would stop other cyclists in there tracks. Grind gravel!

Overview and description:

A gravel grinder is a bicycle race that takes place mostly on gravel roads. These events have seen lots of success in the past few years in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas and Michigan. The popularity has grown very large in the last few years so much that the Almanzo 100 in southern MN had over 2000 participants this summer. The Blue hills have a great abundance of great gravel roads this is what inspired me to create the Skull-N-Bones Gravel Challenge. The Skull-N-Bones differs in a few ways from your typical Gravel grinder with a few very important similarities. Great people and it's absolutely free to ride. The differences are. It's not timed and it's not a race. You can choose to race it if you wish but it's more of a group ride then a race. No cut off time and if you finish the course you finish the challenge.

The Ride:

Hello this is Skull-N-Bones founder Chris Locke. This is the basic rundown of the event. The peer ride registration and cue sheet pick up will start at 6:00am. on September the 20th at the Bruce fire hall in Bruce WI. Rollout will be as follows. 100 Mile 8:00 / 50 Mile 8:30 / 25 Mile 9:00 there will be a peer ride briefing before each start and all are welcome to attend. No registration fee is required and this is a self supported event. Witch means no sag wagon. There are many options to cut the ride short so if you are running out of gas there is always a shorter option home. If you drop out please call and check in to let us know your status. Drop number will be provided at registration.

After Ride Festivities:

After checking in at the fire hall ride just does the street to Glory B's Irish Pub for food drinks and after ride fun.

Tee Shirts:

A tee shirt order form will be available for all who are interested in purchasing a shirt. They will be shipped to you about 2 weeks after the ride. Shirts will be produced by Tee spring.

Sponsors and technical support:

Out There Nordic Sports and Camping Gear
Chippewa Off Road Bike Association
Glory B's Irish Pub
Rassbach Communications
Cyclova XC
Bruce Fire

My story:

My name is Chris Locke. Over the past 2 years I have gone from couch potatoes to a very serious cyclist. My passion has been Road / Gravel Road, Single Track and Snow Biking. I have lost over 100 pounds In the process and I have never felt better. I credit my Daughter Axanna for changing my life and giving me the drive to be healthier. I now want to give other a taste of what I love by bringing events and opportunities to our local aria. For starters the Skull-N-Bones.

Chris Locke 715 403 3232