Selected Community Events

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Total Percussion Camp

UWEC Haas Fine Arts Center 121 Water St Eau Claire WI 54701
Challenge yourself in this fast-paced week of instruction in all areas of percussion. We'll cover mallet, drum set, snare/basic technique, timpani, concert, and world percussion.
Instruction will be divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced tracks for most lessons. No matter what your experience level, this camp is for you. We'll spend plenty of time playing the instruments and weave in lecture and discussion to build our understanding of the concepts being presented.
See web for more info and pricing:

Karen Konz, 836.3636

Summer Writing Camp

UWEC Centennial Hall 1698 Park Ave Eau Claire WI 54701
You are a dreamer AND a storyteller. There are as many ways to tell a story as there are people in this world! Find YOUR creative voice at UW-Eau Claire this summer.
You'll choose the track that most interests you: Poetry | Novels & Short Stories | Creative Nonfiction & Memoirs | Digital Composition. You'll also decide what subjects you want to write about. Your only "assignment" is to be YOU.
See web for more info:

Karen Konz, 836.3636

Digital Photography Camp

UWEC Centennial Hall 1698 Park Ave Eau Claire WI 54701
Would you like to picture yourself on stage with your favorite band? Or put yourself on the cover of a favorite magazine? Come learn how to visualize, compose and capture amazing still images with a digital camera. Then use photo editing software to perfect your photos, add artistic elements, and superimpose your images onto photographs that are sure to trick the eye. Discover the photography skills and tricks professionals use to make their photos stand out. Picture yourself having a great time! See web for more info:

Karen Konz, 836.3636