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Supervisor Training: Employee Evaluation and Performance Management

Metropolis Resort 5150 Fairview Drive Eau Claire, WI 54701
The greatest management failure may be the ineffective delivery of performance evaluation feedback. This process is ongoing, extending beyond the formal annual performance appraisal meeting. Done well, it can lead to increased engagement, productivity, and loyalty. Yet, it’s a process that is often dreaded and misunderstood. Consequently, businesses fail to reap the real business rewards that effective performance management can deliver. Supervisor Training: Employee Evaluation and Performance Management will provide participants with proven techniques for delivering effective feedback and conducting constructive performance appraisals, even when the news is challenging.

Participants will learn how to:
 Communicate clear, specific and measurable objectives
 Identify and gather essential, objective, performance data
 Maintain a positive work climate
 Use proven coaching techniques to improve productivity
 Strengthen work relationships through effective communication
Performance appraisal is never truly mastered as new challenges are continually emerging. Even experienced managers will benefit from the expert insights, shared experiences and group discussions delivered in this program.

Who Should Attend
Aspiring, new – and even experienced – managers hoping to build their management skills.

Brett Schroedel, 715.836.4914