Selected Community Events


Timberdoodle Tumble

Apr 4, 2013 7:30 p.m.

Beaver Creek Reserve, Wise Nature Center, S 1 Cty Hwy K, Fall Creek, WI 54742
Join former BCR Director Rick Koziel to enjoy the spectacular courtship performance of the American woodcock. After a short presentation at the Nature Center, we will visit nearby singing grounds to observe the bird that, in Aldo Leopold’s words, “flutters skyward in a series of wide spirals, emitting a musical twitter...then, without warning, tumbles like a crippled plane, giving voice in a soft liquid warble that a March bluebird might envy.”
Registration and full payment required by April 1.
Friends $5/Child $3 Nonmembers $8/Child $4

Angie Sommers