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'ROCKNLIFE' benefit for Boys & Girls Club of Eau Claire's Music Program

Mar 9, 2013 9PM

Pizza Plus, 208 S. Barstow, Eau Claire, WI 54701
As Pizza Plus has made a solid effort to support our local music scene in the Chippewa Valley. We have decided to give back to our community and the music that comes from it. What better way to do that then by giving back to the children of tomorrow's music scene!

We've partnered up with the Boys & Girls Club of Eau Claire and a group of talented musicians donating their time to help raise awareness of the importance music can play in everyone's lives as both children & adults. We are holding a fundraiser to help the Boys & Girls Club's Music Program.

'HIPHOPZLIFE' is DAY 1 with 'ROCKNLIFE' being DAY 2 of our music fundraiser bringing you some of the areas best to perform for you. Please join us to enjoy some very talented artists and raise money for tomorrow's musicians!


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-------------About the Artists-------------

"Granite Rose" is formed between friends at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. The band benefits from the musical and audio knowledge of a Music Composition major, Evan Mehre, the business savvy of a Business Administration major, Nick Anderson, and Galen Keily's web design expertise in their quest to make music with emotional and textural depth.
GR just released its debut album, Almost Believable (material from which is available for download at

"The Scenic North" is a folk duo playing: banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, and percussion. For a band with only two members, playing all those instruments is a fun show!

"Charles Morgan" is a singer songwriter who grew up around music playing guitar, drums, bass, piano, keyboard and singing. And in 1994 Kurt Cobain tragically over dosed and apparently committed suicide. Why would a millionaire rock star do such a thing? So at 10 years old Charles went searching for answers. He rose above his musical psychosis and at age 21 he started playing local venues solo in Eau Claire WI, then he teamed up to record an E.P. with Phil Taylor of "Future Leaders Of The World" witch held a 4 spot on the American Billboard Charts in 2004 under Epic Records, and John LeCompt of Evanescence witch is a platinum selling band in about every country world wide. With what he learned from John and Phil in the studio from trips to John LeCompt's RedRum studios in Little Rock AR, Charles invested in a studio of his own and began recording himself as well as a regional arsenal of regional musical artists of all genres. With all the regional acts he worked with he called it "Retina Records" and got many show bookings and radio play on Maverick Media's 99.9 The Carp, W.H.Y.S. radio and 92.1 Clear Chanel Radio. And opened for Future Leaders Of The World, Gin Blossoms, Def Leopard, and Saliva amongst other national acts. Now with many artists under Retina Records, Charles continues to perform shows, produce and record as well as write. And Sings and plays guitar in "Too Many Humans" Sings in "Cobalt Aria" And Sings And Plays drums, Bass and Guitar In "Origins Of Earth" with Phil Taylor of Machina.

"FM Down" is Loud, unabashed rock and roll. Pure and simple.
Ashley Kosharek, 715.559.4948 (cell), Benny Haas, 715.832.8844 (pizzaplus), (personal), (pizzaplus)