La Crosse Co. businesses working together to ‘Check The Spread’

The La Crosse County Health Department partnered with the Weber Group to create new initiative
Back-In-Action Chiropractic in La Crosse has taken the pledge to 'Check The Spread' and keep...
Back-In-Action Chiropractic in La Crosse has taken the pledge to 'Check The Spread' and keep employees and patrons safe.(WEAU)
Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 6:37 PM CDT
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While positive COVID-19 cases in La Crosse County surge, the health department is looking to local businesses for help.

The Weber Group in La Crosse partnered with the department to create the newest initiative-- ‘Check The Spread.'

The website celebrates area businesses pledging to follow safety recommendations.

“We all just want to help alleviate the spread of the coronavirus,” said Libby Weber, CEO of the Weber Group. “So, the greater awareness and exposure we can get by hopefully using the ‘Check The Spread’ initiative and getting as many businesses involved voluntarily [will help with that.]”

Numerous businesses like Back-In-Action Chiropractic have already pledged to ‘Check The Spread’ and are listed under the safe businesses section.

The six steps to success include physical distancing, providing hand sanitizer, and mandatory masks for employees.

“Everybody is required to wear a mask when they come in,” said Dr. Andrew Bakken, of Back-In-Action Chiropractic. “If they don’t have one when they get here, we have disposable surgical masks for them to use.”

The chiropractor has also spread out appointments to increase sanitization and avoid client crossover.

While businesses have been forced to adapt during the pandemic, employers say staff availability is another struggle.

“I think the most challenging part for us, other than just dealing with the unknown and the uncertainty, is making sure that our staff and our employees are prioritized with their health and safety,” Weber said.

As a result, the website features resources for both business owners and employees on how to operate safely, encouraging people in the county to work together.

“We all came together and I think it is such a great demonstration of what community is all about and we’re looking at the greater good and the bigger scope of how to improve the overall well-being of our community,” Weber explained.

“To get this thing going and to have everyone chipping in, in my mind, trying to protect our community as a whole is incredible,” Bakken added.

If you want to recognize a business for going above and beyond to protect La Crosse County, click here.

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