Window washers rescued from scaffolding collapse

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 1:01 AM CDT
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BOSTON (WFTX/CNN) - Two window washers stranded 13 stories above the ground after the platform they were standing on gave way are thankful for the Boston Fire Deparment for rescuing them.

One worker dangled from a rope 13 stories above the ground while his coworker who was also stranded, stayed on the platform they had been working on.

Andres Mateo recorded the incident and said he was “shaking.”

The fire department could not reach high enough with their ladder truck to rescue the workers. They had to break one window and open another to pull the men into the building and to safety.

Hours after the rescue, the workers were back on the job, removing the scaffolding.

Their boss Bill Ulchak says he is “grateful for them.”

Ulchak explained that an electrical motor malfunctioned while the men were powerwashing the building, sending one end of the platform plummeting.

“Everybody was wearing the proper precautions and knew what to do and we were able to get everybody down safely and not get anybody injured,” he said.

Capt. Jonathan Hernandez with the Boston Fire Department says the men were not injured and that “they were actually pretty well trained for what they do.”

Well-trained workers and skilled rescuers prevented this incident turning into a tragedy.

Ulchak says this was the first incident of its kind in 35 years for his company and an investigation is ongoing.

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