Storm cleanup underway in Augusta

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 5:41 PM CDT
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Augusta, Wis. (WEAU) - On Tuesday strong winds and heavy rainfall caused some flooding, power outages and other damages in Augusta. People from the community say they experienced first hand, the mark the storm left.

Flooding, power outages and debris from fallen trees was a result of the Tuesday storm.
Flooding, power outages and debris from fallen trees was a result of the Tuesday storm.(WEAU)

“We had a fair, substantial amount of rain that happened last evening about 4:30,” said Public Works Superintendent Dan Marcheske. “A gentleman here had a lot of water that was coming into his house. Subsequently across the street there was a power outage which prevented a sump pump from operating.”

"Our backyard was completely underwater," said Ron Honadel of Augusta. "We probably had over 12 inches of water in our backyard."

"The visibility wasn't good," said Lawrence Jordenson of Augusta. "There was a lot of heavy rain with the wind and it came down when the wind came up real strong."

Jordenson says 8 trees in his yard were knocked over from the storm, but luckily with no damage to his house. He says close to 20 people from the community were helping clean up the debris.

"It was raining hard and it was a little windy and then a hard push of wind and then another real hard push of wind. It sounded really close and real noisy and I think that was when the tree came down on the house."

Augusta community members say the power is back up and running, but they do expect several days of clean up.

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