ECASD parents react to “Respond Together Plan”

Published: Jul. 21, 2020 at 5:34 PM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - Just after midnight on Tuesday, the Eau Claire School Board approved the county's "Respond Together Plan." Parents from the area share their concern over the new decision.

School schedules will be different for students based on their grade level. Kindergartners and grades 3 through 12 would have in person learning twice a week and learn virtually the other three days. First and second graders would be in school four days a week and learn virtually for one day.

“Me having a kindergartner, she’s only going two days a week, but she’s next years first grade class,” said ECASD parent Miranda Wayne. “Her 4K experience was cut short, her kindergarten is cut short so she is greatly going to be struggling behind when it comes to first grade and so my concern is why did they only take 1st and 2nd grade and not the others?”

Some mom's say they think in person school is really important for their young children.

“Two days a week for 4K I don’t agree with,” said ECASD parent Erin Devine. “Kids need to be in school, they need to be with their peers and getting the social interaction, if they’re not there then they’re going to have behavioral problems.”

“I can home school academics, but I can’t give her that in person experience that she greatly needs to be able to adjust to school,” said Wayne.

Parents say not only are they worried about their kids struggling in the fall, but also themselves.

"For me to do kindergarten for two kids when I don't have a background in education on top of keeping a 3 year old and 1 year old attentive, alive and all of that, while working is going to be impossible," said ECASD parent Melissa Jenneman.

"We're not educators. They provide something so valuable that us parents, you know we try our best, but it's not the same."

Wile some mom's think the school board made the right decision, others think they have some reevaluating to do.

“Every parent should have the option of either home schooling or sending their kids,” said Devine. “If they want to risk their kids going to public then they should be able to.”

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