Trempealeau Co. ranks sixth highest in state for COVID-19 case rate

Published: Jul. 22, 2020 at 10:15 PM CDT
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TREMPEALEAU COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) - Even with new hires, the health department says employees are maxing out their hours in efforts to contact trace people in Trempealeau County who test positive for COVID-19.

“I want us to reach everybody,” said Kaila Baer from Trempealeau County Health Department.

“When we can’t reach all cases within 24 hours that can lead to not being able to catch all contacts within 24 hours”.

As case numbers rise across the state, Baer says she worries people are getting too comfortable with the pandemic and are engaging in high risk activities.

“Even though were at high risk, the recommendation is still to maintain that six feet of distance, right so when you’re in public keeping that distance, when you’re having a gathering, yeah outside gatherings can have up to 50 people, but that six feet of distance is still very important or wearing a face cloth covering”.

And for private indoor gatherings, a maximum of 15 people, face coverings, and social distancing is the recommendation from the health department.

"Is it difficult sometimes yeah, is it annoying sometimes yeah, but what we can do is help our community stay healthy and our businesses stay open," said Bear.

“I recommend anyone who doubts it to look at the CDC website, the CDC director himself said that if everyone would wear a mask that we’d see a drastic decrease in cases so I think that could help Trempealeau County”.

While the county is currently in high risk, the health department is concerned severe risk could be close.

“You’ve been seeing social distancing weddings and graduation parties, that’s not something you should do during a severe risk.”

And if severe risk is reached, it will be recommended bars and restaurants go back to curbside or delivery only.

“That’s really going to affect our small businesses in Trempealeau County; we don’t have big box businesses here. We just have the small ones. And the severe risk will hurt those businesses.”

Besides masks and distancing, Baer emphasizes it's also importance for those who do get tested to list their correct phone number, have a voicemail set up so the health department can reach you in a timely manner, and stay home until you get your results back to limit the potential of any spread.

Free testing will be held in Trempealeau County on Tuesday at Blair-Taylor High School for any person who may have come in contact with someone who tested positive or for those experiencing any symptoms.

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