President Trump re-imposes tariffs on Canadian aluminum imports

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 7:57 AM CDT
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ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) - Relations between the U.S. and Canada didn't get any better last week. That's because, according to the New York Times, President Trump has re-imposed tariffs on our imports of Canadian aluminum. Trump made that announcement at a Whirlpool factory in Ohio saying the Canadians "are taking advantage of us as usual" by breaking their commitment on imports that was part of the recent trade deal that went into effect on July 1st. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau quickly responded to Trump's action by saying Canada has done nothing wrong and they will respond to the tariffs dollar for dollar.

The condition of the corn crop in Iowa and South Dakota has this week’s corn condition rating down 1%. According to the Crop progress Report, corn is now rated 71% good to excellent-but still the third highest rating for this late in the season in the past 10 years. Again this week, Minnesota and Wisconsin have some of the best looking corn in the country. The maturity of the crop is also ahead of normal as 97% of the crop has silked, 59% is in the dough stage and 11% of the corn has dented. Soybeans this week are also well ahead of normal development around the country with 92% of the plants blooming and 75% setting pods. Soybeans are rated 74% good to excellent this week.

In Wisconsin, the corn crop is rated 81% good to excellent this week-the same as a week ago. But maturity of the crop is way ahead. As of this past Sunday, 93% of the crop had silked-25 days ahead of last year and 38% of the corn was in the dough stage-12 days ahead of a year ago. Soybeans are also lookin’ good as the beans are rated 83% good to excellent this week as 94% of the crop is blooming-4 weeks ahead of last year. And 73% of the plants have set pods-16 days ahead of last year’s crop. State farmers also report they have harvested 56% of their oats and 10% of their fall potatoes-both well ahead of last year’s progress. And they’ve also made 97% of their second hay crop and 55% of third crop.

The lawsuits over Round-Up herbicide are catching up with Bayer AG. Company officials say the lawsuits are the main reason the company lost almost 11 and a quarter billion dollars in the second quarter. And they expect full year revenues to be down as well.

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