Iowa storm bring major impact to Crop Progress Report

Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 8:03 AM CDT
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ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) - The condition of the crop in Iowa, following last Monday’s big storm, dropped the overall condition of crops across the country in this week’s Crop Progress Report. Iowa’s corn is now rated just 59% good to excellent, down 10% from a week earlier. That dropped the national rating 2 points to 69% good to excellent. Minnesota and Wisconsin continue to have the best looking corn crops as both are rated over 80% good to excellent. The report also says 67% of the corn is in the dough stage while 23% of the crop has dented. The condition of the soybean crop across the country also fell 2% last week-down to 72% good to excellent-the third highest rating in the past 10 years. The condition of the Iowa crop fell 8% from a week earlier-down to 62% good to excellent. As of Sunday 96% of the beans were blooming and 84% of the plants were setting pods.

In Wisconsin, the corn is now rated 84% good to excellent-up 3% from last week as 97% of the crop has silked, 63% of the plants are in the dough stage and 6% have dented-all well ahead of normal progress. Soybean condition jumped 2% in the past week to 85% good to excellent with 96% of the plants blooming-about 4 weeks ahead of last year's progress for the middle of August. State farmers also report they're way ahead harvesting their oats as they've taken off 72% of the crop-15 days ahead of 2019. The fall potato harvest is also 20% done-that's 17 days ahead of last year. Also way ahead is hay making as farmers have put up 72% of their third crop-11 days ahead of normal. But topsoil moisture ratings are down from a year ago as the rating this week is just 72% adequate to surplus, 22% short and 6% very short.

Yesterday the 3 companies that manufacture Dicamba herbicide, Bayer, BASF and Corteva, lost another round in court to keep the product on the market. After a June 3rd court decision to vacate the Dicamba label, the companies petitioned for a broader group of judges to rehear the case. And yesterday they did but they supported the earlier court decision. That leaves the companies with only one more option to keep Dicamba on the market-the U.S. Supreme Court.

A quick reminder that the annual Chippewa Falls farmer Appreciation dinner will be tomorrow at the Northern Wisconsin State fairgrounds. But this year, because of Covid-19, it will be a drive thru event with serving from 4 until 8:30.

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