Blugolds return as in-person classes begin Wednesday

Published: Aug. 30, 2020 at 5:24 PM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - As students return to college campuses across the nation, states are seeing a correlation as COVID-19 cases surge. Universities such as Indiana and Notre Dame have already announced classes will be held remote for two weeks after hundreds of cases arise.

Now, the Blugolds are back in Eau Claire.

“I’m really excited to be back because online was just hard not being able to be with people having to do everything by myself, so I’m excited,” said Taylor Smith a sophomore at UWEC.

College students return to campus in Eau Claire as in person classes begin Wednesday.

Chandlor Bolden, another sophomore at UWEC told WEAU,

“I’d rather be on campus with my friends at least having some sort of normalcy.”

Steve Waters has mixed emotions about moving in his daughter Allie for her junior year. He said,

“Obviously I’d feel better about it if she were home but I understand they have to get back to school and I think that she was anxious to get back to school.”

Sophomore Taylor Smith is optimistic while moving in to her dorms and says for the most part she is seeing people following the new protocols,

“We’re going to always wear our face-masks while we’re in the building when we’re not able to social-distance.”

However other students are already feeling frustrated and concerned that classes could quickly move back to online.

“I’m really hopeful that it doesn’t but based on what I’ve seen the last couple days with a lot of freshman standing not distanced at all out on the fields, I don’t believe that’s it’s going to happen … Students are expected to follow a Blugold Flight Plan which includes wearing masks indoors, logging daily symptoms, and following the one guest residence hall policy,” said Sophomore Jackson White.

He says he hopes to see repercussions for people who don’t follow rules.

“I think they’re obviously old enough to know to understand the consequences of their actions ... just not following pretty basic guidelines to be honest with you... I mean water streets still the bars are still packed like huge lines outside the pickle and it’s kind of ridiculous.”

Charles Fischer, senior residence assistant, says his job will look very different than what he’s used to. He told WEAU,

“Building that kind of community and getting everyone to be involved in their hall and in their school is a lot more difficult this year. A lot of it is face-time meetings or e-mails that’s kind-of how we’re getting to know our residents we don’t want to do any face-to-face interaction.”

Even with all the uncertainties, one freshman is staying positive.

“However the school year ends up going I’m glad that I’m here with the people that I’m here with,” said Frankie Carlson.

Students say it will take a team effort to keep classes in-person and students on campus.

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