50 agricultural groups send letter stressing the importance of the WTO

Published: Sep. 29, 2020 at 7:16 AM CDT
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ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) - About 50 agricultural groups are worried that because of last week’s unfavorable ruling by the World Trade Organization concerning a ruling that didn’t go our way in a case the U.S. filed against China, and because of long standing frustration with WTO by President Trump, he may withdraw us from the trade organization. So the group has sent a letter to our Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer re-emphasizing how important export markets are to our farm economy. Instead of withdrawing they say the U.S. should be a leader in redoing the rules to modernize global trade.

The combines are rolling in the corn and soybean fields but they’re slightly slower in those corn fields. This week’s Crop Progress Report shows the corn harvest is 1% behind the 5 year average with 15% of the crop harvested as of this past Sunday. Leading corn states are all just a little behind as Iowa farmers have harvested 12% of their corn, Illinois 13%, Nebraska 14% but Minnesota farmers have only gotten 6% of their corn off so far. At the end of September the corn crop is rated 65% in good to excellent condition. The soybean harvest is going a little faster as 20% of the beans are now off-about 5% ahead of the 5 year average. Minnesota farmers are furthest ahead with their beans as they’ve harvested 31% of their crop while Iowa is at 30% harvested with Nebraska and South Dakota at 29%. The beans are rated 64% in good to excellent condition this week. The report didn’t give any update on how well either the corn or beans are yielding. We’ll get an update from the USDA on October 9th.

In Wisconsin, the corn crop is rated 77% good to excellent this week as farmers have put up 80% of their corn silage already-about a month ahead of last year. Maturity of the crop is also about a month ahead of normal as 96% of the crop has dented and 70% of the plants are now mature. Soybeans are rated 79% good to excellent this week as almost 80% of the plants have dropped their leaves and 10% of the crop has been harvested-about 2 weeks ahead of last year. State farmers have also made 87% of their 4th hay crop and harvested 77% of the fall potato crop-again about 2 weeks ahead of normal. Topsoil moisture also improved this past week as it’s now rated 84% adequate to surplus-4% better than a week ago.

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