Evers holds virtual ‘What’s at Stake?’ Biden campaign stop

Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 4:58 PM CDT
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With less than three weeks until election day, both nominees for president continue to hit the campaign trail with in-person and virtual events.

Governor Evers showed his support for Joe Biden with a virtual campaign event for La Crosse voters Thursday morning focused on healthcare being at stake this election year.

“I trust Joe and I trust Kamala,” Evers said during the virtual campaign appearance.

Governor Evers hosted a virtual campaign stop for presidential nominee Joe Biden Thursday morning.

The event focused on healthcare, which according to some is on the ballot this election year.

“As a nurse, I can tell you that losing your health insurance during a pandemic is not only mean and cruel, but it’s a heartless act,” said Anne Tetreault, a Wisconsin RN.

During his time in office, President Trump has tried to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Something Sara Thielen, an Eau Claire nurse and professor, says the system would become more complex and difficult without.

“Independent caregivers in rural Wisconsin rely on the ACA Marketplace plans so they can provide care,” Thielen explained. “Childcare providers in rural Wisconsin rely on the ACA Marketplace so they can watch our kids.”

Governor Evers also spoke on preexisting conditions-- what some worry a more conservative Supreme Court may aim to not protect.

“As someone with a preexisting condition, this is personal and it’s personal for Joe,” Evers added.

While Governor Evers says those with preexisting conditions could be at risk under Trump’s presidency, the La Crosse GOP says the opposite.

“Wisconsin Democrats are lying about preexisting conditions,” said Bill Feehan, the La Crosse County Republican Party chairman. “Preexisting conditions were covered in Wisconsin before the Affordable Healthcare Bill and Dan Kapanke was the lead sponsor of that bill. Democrats come up with these things to scare voters before every election.”

COVID-19 was also at the center of attention Thursday with Democrats pointing fingers at Trump’s lack of action and preparation with PPE, a shortage Nurse Anne Tetreault witnessed herself.

“I know a nurse in a major hospital in the emergency room who has been made to wear one N95 mask for an entire month... and this is supposed to be a single-event mask,” Tetreault said.

“Trump has failed to do his job,” Evers stressed. “In the last few weeks, we have found out that he didn’t do his job on purpose.”

Chairman of the La Crosse County Republican Party says while opinions vary among medical experts, everyone is doing their best to fight the virus.

“I think people are tired of the political blame game with COVID-19--it’s a terrible disease,” Feehan added.

One thing both parties encourage-- voting on or before November 3.

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