E.U. expected to move forward with $4 billion in tariffs on American goods

Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 7:46 AM CST
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - This week’s USDA Crop Production Report lowered the size of this year’s corn and soybean crops from earlier reports, but in Wisconsin they’ll still be bigger than last year. That report now puts our corn crop at 534 million bushels on yields of 184 bushels an acre. Earlier estimates put our corn crop at 539 million bushels on yields of 186 bushels per acre. Last year the corn crop came in at just over 443 million bushels. State farmers planted 4 million acres to corn this year and will harvest 2.9 million of those acres for grain with the rest going to corn silage. This week’s numbers also put the state soybean crop at around 105 million bushels on yields of 53 bushels an acre. Last year the state soybean crop yielded just under 79 and a half million bushels on yields of 47 bushels an acre. About 2 million acres were planted to soybeans across the state this year.

Reports out of Europe this week indicate the European Union is going ahead with $4 billion in tariffs on many American goods, including many food and beverage products. Earlier the World Trade Organization approved the tariffs in the ongoing 16 year battle over airline subsidies in both Europe and the United States. Still, however, European officials are saying they hope to reach an agreement over those subsidies before President Trump leaves office. Both airlines at the center of the controversy, Boeing in this country and Airbus of France, have taken steps to stop taking any more subsidies but both sides say it’s not enough. One of the hang-ups to getting an agreement to stop more tariffs is President Trump’s demands that Airbus pay back all the subsidies they’ve gotten and not just stop taking more.

Outgoing House Agriculture Committee Chair, Colin Peterson of Minnesota, who lost his bid for re-election, is backing Georgia Congressman David Scott to take over as committee chair. Peterson said Scott has seniority on the committee and has served on the committee every session that he’s been in Congress. If selected, Scott would be the first African-American to chair the Ag Committee.

The Wisconsin soybean crop is expected to average about 53 bushels an acre this year. But a Nebraska farmer has set a new world record for dry land soybean production with yields almost 3 times that. Jimmy Frederick of Rulo, Nebraska harvested a 5 acre plot that produced 148.8 bushels

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