Rep. Ron Kind calls for the removal of President Trump

Rep. Ron Kind Friday called for the removal of Trump and an investigation into the breach of...
Rep. Ron Kind Friday called for the removal of Trump and an investigation into the breach of security at Capitol Hill during the riots.(Ron Kind Campaign)
Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 9:51 PM CST
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Following Wednesday’s Capitol Hill riot, Congressman Ron Kind Friday called for President Trump to voluntarily resign and have Vice President Mike Pence serves as Commander-in-Chief for the remaining 11 days of his term.

While Kind acknowledged Trump was unlikely to do so, he urged Pence to meet with the Administration’s Cabinet and invoke the 25th Amendment.

As for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s desire to impeach Trump, Kind is skeptical.

He worries the precedent it would set to do so in such a rushed setting, instead putting in a call to action for bipartisan support.

“The key to all this is what my Republican colleagues in Congress are willing to do,” Kind explained. “What they are willing to tell the President of the United States right now. It took a number of them in ’74 to go to President Nixon and tell him ‘we no longer have your back. The right thing for you to do is to stand down--leave office or they would support articles of impeachment.’ So, we will see in the coming days just where my Republican colleagues are on this, but I know there is great internal debate taking place within their party right now on what they need to do in response of last Wednesday, but also the threat that the President continues to possess.”

The Congressman says an investigation will also be conducted on why security was breached so badly Wednesday, including why the pentagon did not quickly deploy the National Guard.

He also question the lack of preparation as the violence was predictable with online messages from rioters foreshadowing the events.

“President Trump is accomplishing the goal that he wanted for four years and that is to build a wall,” Kind said. “Unfortunately, this wall now is going to have to be around the nation’s capital for security purposes. I’m afraid that that is going to have to be under consideration. It was heartbreaking to me that after 9/11 there were so many barricades and more security layers [that] were imposed on Capitol Hill making it harder for tourists to even walk around. I can’t imagine what the consideration will be in the coming days, so this will never be done in the future.”

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