Cumberland High School senior has never missed a day of school in her life

Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 5:25 AM CST|Updated: Feb. 11, 2021 at 7:18 AM CST
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CUMBERLAND, Wis. (WEAU) - Think back to your time in high school, what would you do to miss a day of school?

For many people, it would be just about any excuse they can think of. Except for one Western Wisconsin teen who is determined to be in school every single day.

At first in elementary school, kids are excited to go but motivation gets harder as the years go on. But that’s not the case for Taylor Dreyer, a senior at Cumberland High School, she only gets more determined to be in class every year.

Taylor likes a lot of her classes but her favorite place to be is the band room at Cumberland High School. “We get to play music and it’s just fun to make music with all my band members.” She has played the clarinet since she was in sixth grade. “She is really good at the clarinet,” said her band teacher, Dan Hopkins. Making music is just the beginning of what makes Taylor Dreyer so special. “I knew right away when Taylor was a freshman that she was different from other students,” Hopkins said. Taylor’s current high school teacher echoes the same sentiment as her very first teacher. Paula Clay taught Taylor when she was 4 years old in ELC, “She was always a very determined little girl.”

Now, she is determined to get perfect attendance. “Once I made it through elementary school, I realized that I could keep going,” Taylor Dreyer said. And she kept going and going, reaching 2700 days in a row. “It’s not easy all the time but you just have to find something to keep motivating you no matter what anybody else thinks,” Taylor said.

Her motivation is simply making her parents proud. “She has made it her goal and to see her do that and the grades she gets, she is an amazing girl,” said Heidi Dryer, Taylor’s mom.

Taylor continued to go to school after a broken arm, tough family times and even losing grandparents. “We were late to that funeral and my dad’s funeral because she wanted to still make them proud,” said Jim Dreyer, Taylor’s dad.

One of her most difficult days to attend class came this school year. “That was a pretty hard one,” Taylor said. She went home for lunch and found her dog freckles was not doing well but she decided to still go back to school to finish out the day. “It was really hard on her but she did and she comes home, come in the house, sit down by Freckles and 10 seconds later she passed away, it was like she waited for her and again she went to school the next day,” said Jim Dreyer.

The shy teenager says school has helped her come out of her shell. “The teachers that I have had over the years have made it really easy for me to keep coming,” Taylor added.

Now, in the home stretch to reach perfect attendance from ELC to graduating high school. “She is a great example for other kids, and she has been her whole school career,” Paula Clay said. She is the first student in class, the last one to leave and never missing any band performances. “It’s extremely rare,” Dan Hopkins added.

Her motivation is keeping tempo through the final stanza of her school career. “I just want to keep making them proud,” Taylor said. Which she just so happens to have a perfect record of that too. “We could go on forever,” said Taylor’s parents.

Taylor has a few more months to go to reach that ultimate perfect attendance status but there is no doubt she will get there. After graduating from Cumberland High School, Taylor plans to attend UW-Eau Claire where her attendance will likely be nothing short of perfect.

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