UW System summer bridge programs help prepare incoming students

Published: Mar. 10, 2021 at 4:59 PM CST
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The UW System is expanding a program that aims to help incoming freshman feel more prepared for college.

An additional $1.3 million in funding will allow an extra 1,400 students into the system’s summer bridge programs.

The overall goal is to help students transition to college both academically and mentally.

UW System President Tommy Thompson says college-prep has not been as complete lately due to the pandemic.

“If they need some remedial training or some studies in some of the STEM courses like math or physics or arts or English, we will be able to give them that,” Thompson explained to WEAU. “We can also help them with introductions to professors and guidance counselors who also can help them figure out what sort of careers they want and what kind of courses they should take.”

The on-campus programs are free for students.

The UW System will be seeking reimbursement via state revenue or federal COVID-19 relief funds for the expansion.

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