Vaccine “passport” developed by Fox Valley man

WATCH: Vaccine passport app
WATCH: Vaccine passport app
Published: Apr. 2, 2021 at 7:35 PM CDT
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PIPE, Wis. (WBAY) - Many people are wondering whether proof of vaccination might eventually be needed to travel or attend events.

We spoke to a Fox Valley man who helped develop a phone app to provide that information.

On it’s web site, VXPASS advertises itself as a product providing digital vaccination verification and all you need is a camera phone.

Justin Pauly is the co-founder, and a resident of Fond du Lac County.

“You’ve gone thru the effort of getting vaccinated and you’ve waited in line and got your appointment. and what we do is allow that to be stored on chain, very privately so it’s on blockchain, it cannot be hacked, and you own the data,” he said during an interview Friday afternoon.

Right now VXPASS is finalizing a first roll-out in Africa, but is also speaking to various entities here in the US and the Pacific.

Pauly said, “We hope to speak with Governor Evers in the next few weeks here to see if we can launch pilot programs in the state of Wisconsin, which would be the first state in the US.”

The cost to sign up would be between one and three dollars per patient.

It would also prevent people from having to carry around a paper vaccination card.

“Our program really is really fantastically based for those sets of populations that don’t have normalized health care, can now be on a equal playing field with those who do,” Pauly added.

The demand for this type of technology, is only expected to grow in the coming year and could be used at any event, including a trip to Lambeau Field.

Pauly said, “They have a QR code when you scan in your ticket. If need be, you could also just show your mobile phone, with the same type of QR pass and that reader would just ping the block chain and go, congratulations, thanks for being vaccinated, welcome to the game, we hope the Bears lose.”

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