Breaking down the candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in the General Election

We break down the candidates running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Published: Apr. 4, 2021 at 9:44 AM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The election for State Superintendent of Public Instruction is this week and we want to tell you about who’s on the ballot.

After a seven-candidate primary, the voters have narrowed the field down to two candidates for the April 6th election for Superintendent -- the official who oversees public K-12 education in the state.

The first candidate is Dr. Jill Underly from Blanchardville.

Underly says she will fight for quality early childhood education in all zip-codes, mental health resources in schools and is against private school voucher expansion.

”Really when you look at it from the perspective of achievement we need to really switch it and turn it around and talk about it as opportunities,” Underly says. “There are communities in Wisconsin that are just able to provide more opportunities for their kids than others and really that’s where things become exacerbated. When you look at opportunities for early childhood programming, when you look at opportunities to hire great teachers, all of that impacts student achievement and so that is what we need to focus on.”

Next is Dr. Deborah Kerr from Caledonia.

She is focused on literacy and numeracy skills, involving families in the education process and fostering partnerships between schools.

“We need to provide targeted interventions and support to teachers so they are teaching the essential standards to catch our kids up,” Kerr says. “So yes, we are going to have to do an all hands on deck utilizing all the partners that help to rally around our kids during this pandemic so I think about the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Y.M.C.A.s, the church foundations, the local community groups that have food pantries, that made sure our kids had devices and internet access points.”

Make sure you’re prepared on election day with these three reminders:

♠ Bring a photo I.D. like a Wisconsin D.O.T. issued driver’s license, a Wisconsin university I.D. or a U.S. military I.D. You’ll need to show it at the polls.

♠ Come to the polls even if you’re working on election day. By Wisconsin law, no employer may refuse an employee time off for voting or penalize them for it after the fact.

♠ And remember you can vote if you are a convicted felon who has completed your sentence. You are automatically eligible to vote once your sentence is complete or you are pardoned.

Visit My Vote Wisconsin to check your registration and polling place.

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