State Patrol stresses importance of highway safety following 3 car crash on I-94 Monday

Wisconsin law requires drivers approaching a stopped emergency vehicle with its emergency lights flashing to move over or if unable to change lanes, slow down.
Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 5:26 PM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -After a State Patrol SUV was smashed in a three-car crash Monday, troopers want to make sure drivers know what to do when they see flashing lights, in front or behind them.

State Patrol trooper Kyle DeVries says being on the road can be the most dangerous part of the job.

“When we’re focused on a traffic stop we’re relying on that community’s voluntary compliance to pay attention, follow that Move Over Law,” says DeVries.

A multi-vehicle crash on I-94 injured three people Monday morning, the crash happened when a passing vehicle struck the rear of a Wisconsin State Patrol squad car, which had stopped another vehicle.

DeVries says being attentive on the road is the best way for drivers to avoid crashes like they saw Monday, which resulted in all 3 drivers being taken to Eau Claire Co. hospitals.

“Sometimes it may happen to be that you come around a corner real quick, you know do what you can, if first and foremost slowdown but coming with that is also paying attention,” DeVries says.

In addition to the Move Over Law, DeVries says it’s just as important for drivers to know what to do when they see flashing lights in their rearview and how it’s not just a courtesy.

“We still see a lot of people on the road they just try to want to get out of the way and move to the left, state laws require that if there is an emergency vehicle that’s behind you requesting the right of way, you shall pull to the right,” explains DeVries.

Failure of drivers to move over is one of the reasons that vehicle crashes kill more law enforcement officers on duty than any other cause according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Monday morning’s crash is still under investigation and is being handled by the Eau Claire Sheriff’s Office with assistance from the Wisconsin State Patrol.

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