Graduation signs celebrate ‘valedictorian’ and ‘NOT valedictorian’ brothers

Published: Jun. 1, 2021 at 2:29 AM CDT
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CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) - A Texas father may or may not have admitted to having a favorite child with the graduation signs for his two sons on his front lawn. One reads “valedictorian,” and the other reads “NOT valedictorian.”

Justin and Ryan Parappuram are both graduating as part of the Class of 2021, so their father, Tony Parappuram, talked about putting up graduation signs in their front yard. The brothers joked about Ryan being the favorite son because he is his class valedictorian at Cypress Woods High School.

So, Justin Parappuram, the older brother graduating from Texas A&M University, said he would put up a yard sign showcasing his younger brother as valedictorian, and his sign would reflect the opposite.

Brothers Ryan and Justin Parappuram are both graduating as part of the Class of 2021, the...
Brothers Ryan and Justin Parappuram are both graduating as part of the Class of 2021, the former as valedictorian at Cypress Woods High School and the latter as "not valedictorian" from Texas A&M University.(Source: KTRK via CNN)

Once made, he took a picture of the signs and posted it to Twitter with a message that said, “My dad swears he doesn’t have a favorite.” The post received more than 350,000 likes.

“I never expected him to post it. I thought it would just be there, and people get a smile out of it,” Tony Parappuram said.

Some people got the joke, but others took it a little too seriously. The truth is that Tony Parappuram is proud of both his sons.

“A lot of people said I’m putting him [Justin] down, and I’m bragging about him [Ryan]. I’m really, really proud of – especially Justin,” said the father with a laugh.

After four long years with many struggles in between, like the COVID-19 pandemic and the winter freeze, the family just wanted something to laugh about.

“My dad has taught me so much about what it means to really care about your family and to also be able to crack jokes and have a good time with each other,” Ryan Parappuram said.

“I just think this entire thing was hilarious, and it was just very amusing, to say the very least,” Justin Parappuram said.

After this experience, their father jokes he’s never putting signs up in his yard again.

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