Crawford County continues to clean up flood damage

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 6:52 PM CDT
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SENECA, Wis. (WMTV) - Crawford County is one area dealing with the impact of the weekend rain and flooding. Several roads are still closed as crews continue to clean up.

The County Highway Dept. is still making their way through these damaged areas. One farmer added this weather will set him back this winter.

“I’ve been living here my whole life, and this is by far the worst it’s been,” Don Dudenbostel, co-owner of Dudenbostel Family Farms said.

Dudenbostel is still waiting for his fields in Crawford County to dry.

“It came so fast, and it was a lot of water,” Dudenbostel said. “It was probably about 10 feet deep.”

Dudenbostel and his two sons operate Dudenbostel Family Farms. During the flood, their farm near Seneca lost three calves and about 10 acres of corn. Their fencing and fields were also damaged.

“We’re waiting for it to dry up and so we get out there and fix fences and see how bad it really is,” Dudenbostel said.

Dudenbostel’s farm is down the road from Highway E one of many bridges and roads the Crawford County Highway Dept. is working on.

“When it happened, this whole field was water, I mean this whole field was flooded,” Kyle Kozelka, Crawford County Highway Commissioner said.

Kozelka said Highway E reopened late Monday afternoon, but there’s still more work to do on County Highways 171 and S.

“It’s unfortunate, but our crews also have grown accustomed to flooding, so they know what to do and the problem areas and what to address to mitigate any problem to the roadways,” Kozelka said.

Just like the roads, Dudenbostel says his farm will survive. However, he is not looking forward to uncovering anymore damage.

“Each time sets you back, it really does, because we lost about a month of pasture and that’s probably our biggest financial strain, it was bad!” Dudenbostel said. “It was honestly a big mental strain.”

Right now, Crawford County Emergency Management estimates the flood damage to cost about $290,000, but they expect that number to increase as they uncover more damage this week.

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