Little Caesars Love Kitchen comes to Eau Claire

Published: Jul. 24, 2021 at 5:39 PM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - Little Caesars Love Kitchen, in partnership with the Community Table, come to Eau Claire on Saturday to provide free pizza to those in need. Pizza was handed out by the slice and you could also get entire pie.

The Love Kitchen is a big rig pizza kitchen on wheels that has served millions of people in the United State and in parts of Canada, while partnering with local Little Caesars franchise owners. The Love Kitchen also responds to natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes.

Dale Brooks is the general manager of Eau Claire’s Little Caesars. He says the Love Kitchen has been to Eau Claire in the past and that he’s always ready to help.

“I believe this is the third or fourth time they’ve actually been in the Eau Claire area in the last five years,” Brooks said. “Anytime they give me a call and they say hey can I can count on you guys to help us out and we’re all in.”

Brooks says all the pizza was made onsite in the Love Kitchen and not just the pizza is free.

“We do this all for free,” Brooks said. “We donate our food, all the people that are helping out are donating their time and we just hand out pizzas until they’re pretty much gone.”

Brooks says when the Love Kitchen is in Eau Claire, they tend to hand out a decent amount of pizza.

“I think we generally go through anywhere from 50 to 70 pizzas each time and I don’t think there’s anything extra so we always seem to get rid of all the pizza,” Brooks said.

To learn about Little Caesars Love Kitchen, click here.

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