Sisters auction off pigs at the Eau Claire County Fair

Published: Jul. 31, 2021 at 6:36 PM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -Sisters Dezaray and Tymeka Eisberener are from Fairchild and attended the Eau Claire County Fair to auction off and sell their pigs in Saturdays livestock auction.

Both sisters are officers in Osseo-Fairchild High School’s Future Farmers of America program and have been raising and trying to sell pigs for about four years.

Dezaray and Tymeka showed of their pigs during the swine show in Friday.

“I got second premium for how he looked and then I got a blue ribbon for showmanship,” Dezaray said.

Tymeka also won a ribbon.

“I got second premium and I didn’t do showmanship because of my foot,” Tymeka said.

Earlier in the summer, Tymeka broke her foot and with the help of her sister she was able to continue to get her pig ready.

“The first couple months before I broke my foot, I did a lot and then she stepped up a lot and took a big part of it,” Tykema said. “I mean, pigs are a lot to handle.”

Dezaray and Tymeka have their uncles and cousins to thank for getting them interested in farming. They did say it took some time to get their mom and dad to come around.

“Our biggest challenge was probably convincing our dad to let us sue his garage,” Dezaray said. “He gave up half our garage for us.”

Their mom wasn’t any easier. After many no’s, she eventually came around.

“Then we somehow had my cousins and uncles in our garage building the rest of the pig sidings,” Dezaray said.

Dezaray is going into her senior year and when asked about her potential plans for the future, she says she might be leaning toward a life away from farming.

“I plan on going to play college basketball and I would like go into elementary education,” Dezaray said.

Tymeka on the other hand, who is going to be a sophomore, wants to continue working with animals.

“I’m really into farming and that type of stuff so I want to be a veterinarian,” Tymeka said.

Dezaray and Tymeka have been raising and selling pigs together since they convinced their parents to let them do it.

“It’s a pleasure we can bond together,” Tymeka said.

At the moment, the sisters sell pigs, but there is a chance more than pigs will be up for sale in the future.

“I want to be more involved in this, so I want to show steer and some pigs,” Tymeka said.

To learn about the Future Farmers of America program, click here.

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