Charlie Berens and Do Good WI Tour bring acts of kindness to a nearby Kwik Trip

Published: Sep. 12, 2021 at 10:01 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Before the Packers season opener Sunday night, the man behind, comedian Charlie Berens Manitowoc Minute star makes a quick stop at the Kwik Trip on Lombardi Ave to get fans excited.

“The reaction at first was like ‘who is this guy?’ And then I says who I was, and they were like ‘who?’ And then I says it again, and they says ‘who again, I don’t know.’ And I says don’t worry about it, here’s money. And then they were like ‘I like money,’ so you know, it worked out good,” said Berens.

Sunday’s visit is part of the Do Good Wisconsin Tour, which travels around Wisconsin giving back to local communities.

“Doing acts of kindness, surprising folks, trying to capture it as well, so we can share it, just to hopefully put more positivity out there rather than all the negative stuff out there,” said Eric Salzwedel, the co-founder of non-profit Do Good Wisconsin.

For many people, it wasn’t a typical gas stop at Kwik Trip when Berens got on the overhead mic and surprised people by paying for their gas.

The Do Good Wisconsin team also created a scavenger hunt around the store, as folks walked around to get their game day glazers, cheese curds, beers and brats, they could spot gift cards randomly placed on items throughout the store.

The gift cards ranged anywhere from $5 to $20 to Kwik Trip and EatStreet.

“We got brats strapped, okay we got cheese curds strapped, you know really whatever, glazers strapped, okay? So $10 bucks off all those things and you know, it’s like an Easter egg hunt in here except it’s cooler because, you know, you got $10 bucks involved,” said Berens.

Having random acts of kindness in mind, the Do Good Wisconsin Tour handed out over $200 in gift cards, and over $100 in gas. with their main goal of inspiring others throughout the state to give back.

“There’s a lot of negativity out there today, so just trying to bump it up with a little positive energy and you know, turn those frowns upside down, okay? So smiles, you know, there’s got to be more things in life that make us smile than the Bears record, so that’s what we’re trying to do here,” Berens explained.

Salzwedel says their main goal of Sunday’s activities and the main goal of the tour is to inspire others throughout the state to give back.

“I think one of the greatest things is anytime you’re able to give to somebody and surprise folks, help somebody out, I mean I think it’s just the greatest feeling in the world,” said Salzwedel.

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