Dairy margin coverage payments coming again soon for farmers

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 7:13 AM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - Whether it will eventually lead to changes in the domestic dairy pricing system remains to be seen, but last week the Senate dairy and livestock Subcommittee held a hearing on that very topic. At the hearing, the senators agreed that the Federal Milk Marketing Order system, and especially the Class 1 mover, should be changed. But no specific changes were offered at that hearing. The chair of the subcommittee, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York pushed for reforming the Class 1 price mover and questioned witnesses on whether any new pricing system should include a make allowance for dairy producers that would cover their costs of production.

Dairy farmers should also see their dairy margin coverage payments coming again soon. The short delay in processing those payments came about because the USDA temporarily used up all its money for the program. That problem has now been corrected and they began re-processing those payments last Friday.

This week’s USDA crop progress report added soybean harvest numbers to the list. As of this past Sunday, 6% of the beans have been combined around the country, about equal to last year and the 5 year average. So far most of the bean harvest has been down South but North Dakota farmers have taken off 11% of their beans while Iowa is about 4% finished with beans. The crop is rated 58% good to excellent, the same rating the corn crop gets this week. The corn for grain harvest is now about 10% completed with Illinois farmers having about 11% of their corn off.

In Wisconsin the corn crop is rated 75% god to excellent with 56% of the corn silage harvest and 1% of the grain harvest finished. This week’s report also shows 90% of the corn is dented and 36% has reached maturity—about on pace with previous years. The state soybean crop is rated 73% good to excellent this week with 52% of the plants dropping leaves and 90% of the plants changing colors. The bean harvest is just getting started with 2% of the soybeans in the bin. State farmers also report they have harvested 52% of the fall potato crop, made 82% of their 4th hay crop, planted 29% of their winter wheat and finished 2% of their fall tillage. But topsoil moisture has backed up a little this week—rated 72% adequate to surplus, 16% short and 12% very short.

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