Local firefighter battles last round of chemotherapy with family by his side

Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 3:39 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Green Bay Metro Fire Department firefighter battling cancer since April went in for his final round of chemotherapy Monday morning with a little “surprise support” from his fellow firefighters.

As Tyler Kreiter walked to his final session, he was greeted with his firehouse family lining the walkway into HSHS St. Vincent Hospital.

“For all the guys to show up was just amazing. I was feeling down about it. They showed up and gave me the strength that I need,” said Kreiter.

Earlier this year, Kreiter was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer.

“So they opened my up, took the mass out, and it’s been nothing but chemo treatments and radiation treatments, which were in Illinois so it was tough on us,” said Kreiter.

“Cancer is something that is plaguing the fire service. Between PTSD and cancer, it’s definitely taken a toll on members across the country,” said Ryan Hintz, president of local 141 Green Bay Area Professional Fire Fighters. “But we are here for Tyler today to give him the final drive to get through final chemotherapy.”

Hintz helped organize the surprise alongside Tyler’s wife, Alisha Kreiter, whose been holding Tyler’s hand throughout this entire cancer journey.

“We pulled up and we saw some fire trucks, so he was like, ‘I wonder if they are training? and I was like maybe,” said Alisha. “It’s awe inspiring to see all these guys cheering him on, knowing you have so many people in your back pocket to step up whenever you need them.”

“He’s been strong this whole time and seeing him around that corner, definitely got me teary-eyed and thankful to still have him here and continue on his journey and hopefully this is the last treatment that he has to worry about,” said Hintz.

Tyler said that’s the plan as his cancer goes into remission.

“Hopefully it never comes back, that’s what I am hoping for,” said Tyler.

With one final wave to his firefighter family before heading into the hospital and a good luck kiss from his wife, Tyler is looking forward to the months ahead.

“Just a bunch of healing and getting stronger so I can get back to work with the guys,” said Tyler.

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