2021 fall harvest moving faster than previous years

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 7:57 AM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - The USDA’s October crop production and supply and demand report contained some big numbers Tuesday. Soybean production increased by almost a bushel an acre—up to 51 and a half bushels, putting final harvest numbers at 4.48 billion. That’s a 74 million bushel increase from previous estimates. That now projects ending U.S. soybean stocks at 320 million bushels—up 135 million bushels from the September estimates. It also means they lowered the expected average soybean price by 55 cents, down to $12.35 a bushel.

Tuesday’s report also raised the numbers for corn, but not by as much as soybeans. The new yield estimate is for 176.5 bushels an acre with corn production raised 23 million bushels to just over 15 billion bushels. When usage and export numbers are figured in, the ending corn stocks number is now 1 and a half billion bushels—up 92 million from the October estimates. The numbers didn’t affect the corn price as it’s unchanged from last month’s estimate of $5.45 a bushel.

The fall harvest for our major crops like corn and soybeans continues to move faster than it has in the past few years. Farmers around the country now have almost half of their soybeans harvested and 41% of their corn in the bin. Furthest along in the corn belt are Illinois farmers with 55% of their corn harvested. Farmers in Minnesota have 83% of their soybeans combined with Iowa at 56% completed and Illinois at 43%. The condition of both crops improved last week and is now just under 60% in the good to excellent category.

In Wisconsin the corn for grain harvest is 24% finished and 95% of the corn silage harvest is also done—both well ahead of the normal pace. The moisture content of the corn for grain last week was 21% as the crop is now rated 73% good to excellent. State farmers have also harvested 47% of their soybeans—again, well ahead of normal as the beans are also rated 73% good to excellent this week. Farmers have also been busy with other crops as they now have 82% of the fall potatoes harvested, 74% of their winter wheat planted, 30% of their fall tillage finished and made 96% of their 4th hay crop. Topsoil moisture improved over the past week as it’s now rated 81% adequate to surplus, 11% short and 8% very short.

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