Foster families sought with uptick in pet surrenders

October is adopt a dog month and the ECCHA needs help in finding permanent and temporary homes for dozens of four-legged friends.
Published: Oct. 25, 2021 at 5:33 AM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -Up until this last month the Eau Claire County Humane Association says they’ve been able to keep up with the number of animals coming in versus the number of animals they’re adopting out, but a recent influx of pets coupled with staffing shortages has them asking the community for help.

“Any kind of pet that comes our way that needs help is going to be up for adoption here,” says Karen Rabideaux, ECCHA operations director.

Rabideaux says they’re fortunate not to be overwhelmed with intakes and are able to lend a leash to shelters across the state and country.

“Over the course of two days with two rescues we took in 15 dogs,” from Austin, TX Rabideaux says.

However with strays coming in daily, and consistent surrender appointments in the books she says their kennels are nearly full.

“What we’re trying to do every day is save another life, and that’s why we’re transferring animals in too, because our population in Eau Claire County has been pretty consistent especially because it’s a huge dog community,” says Rabideaux. “And there’re so many dog lovers, so that’s why we’re helping out other areas that don’t have that same compassion or drive for animals or they just don’t have the space, there’s just too many.”

With more than 100 animals in their care from cats and dogs to guinea pigs, rats and rabbits, the animal shelter is in urgent need of foster families, to make room while waiting to get animals into their ‘fur-ever’ home, Rabideaux says.

“Sometimes we have animals come in that are just too young to be here, so they just need a few weeks to grow up and be in a healthy safe environment before they can go up for adoption.”

ECCHA is running primarily by appointment only due to staffing shortages, but you may call ahead or check with their Facebook page or website.

If you are sending in an adoption application, ECCHA is asking for 36 to 48 hours before you may hear back.

To get started with a foster application, see here.

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