Veteran owned farm and winery gives back to the community

Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 6:11 PM CST
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CORNELL, Wis. (WEAU) - A military veteran started operating a farm after retiring in 2016. In July, he opened a winery that gives back.

Dan Osborn is a retired military vet with 26 years of active duty under his belt. He owns and operates Wisconsin Veteran Farm and Winery in Cornell.

“So, it started as a farm and then it turned into a lot of people came to the farm and started donating fruit then it actually turned into a winery,” Osborn said.

With the donated fruits, Osborn handcrafts a variety of wines. He then gives the wines military-related names like Lieutenant Dan, All Hands on Deck, and Claymore.

“It just gives people a different story and sort of understand what their kids that they signed up for or maybe even them having gone through a military,” Osborn said.

A portion of the sales is donated to various organizations. Since opening in July, the winery has been able to give $3,000.

“VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion, and other snowmobiles, ATV’s, and youth football, and baseball, track field,” Osborn said. “So, a lot of different organizations.”

Ryan Conry owns Ryan’s Concrete. He has been spending some time at the winery helping with various projects on the property. He says a business like Osborn’s is easy to support.

“To see a person in the community running a business, giving back so much, it makes me feel like you know, there’s good out there and it helps push along all of us to give back as well,” Conry said.

Osborn isn’t the only one giving back. He gets a little help now and then.

“So people just come out here and volunteer their time whenever they’re free,” Osborn said. “In return, they either get food, wine or just time together to socialize.”

Osborn lives on the property. Going through hard times of his own early in life, he understands the impact of lending a helping hand. That’s why says his door is open to vets and civilians alike if they find themselves in a time of need.

“Some people feel they have no one to turn to, especially in a small town,” Osborn said. “So I decided to open my doors and help out as much as I can,”

As Osborn puts it, he’s just trying to do his part.

To learn more about Wisconsin Veteran Farm and Winery, click here.

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