Stevens Point couple spreads a ‘herd’ of cheer with holiday display

Fifteen inflatable cows sit in the couple’s yard outside of their home
Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 7:31 AM CST
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - Cows are nothing new in America’s Dairyland, but for people in Stevens Point, something so little can make a big impact.

What started out as a silly little joke for Melanie Kuolt and her wife has turned into something a little more serious, where the ‘steaks’ are a little bit higher. Fifteen inflatable cows now sit in the couple’s yard outside of their home, but unexpectedly the herd keeps growing.

“It actually happened on a whim,” Kuolt said. She explained that they were out shopping for decorations back in November. “We saw one cow on the shelf, and I had this fleeting thought that ‘wouldn’t it be hilarious to have a whole bunch of wandering cows throughout our yard?’”

That idea quickly “moo-ved” into reality. “As we were passing through different cities we would look online to see if they have cows in stock, and make a detour and collect cows and by the time we got to right around Thanksgiving we had 11 cows,” Kuolt said.

So where did the additional four inflatable cows come from? “We had an anonymous cow delivery show up a couple of days ago.”

People have been posting all over social media just to show how much they love passing by the cows.

“I think everyone’s had a really rough year or two and we’ve been looking for little things that spark us joy and make us smile and we thought this would be fun for us and we didn’t understand the impact it would have on the entire community,” Kuolt said.

Especially because it’s the first time the couple has decorated outside. “We actually observe Hanukkah so the fact that we’re doing a Christmas display is kind of unusual but they’re holiday cows and we knew it would spark some joy in the community,” Kuolt said.

She explained that people even take a detour while they are out driving, just to see the cows.

The display can be found on Country Club Drive between Gerald’s Road and Carols Lane in Stevens Point.

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