Snowmen are out and igloos are in for one Tomahawk couple

Tomahawk couple builds their first igloo.
Tomahawk couple builds their first igloo.(WSAW)
Published: Jan. 2, 2022 at 3:27 PM CST
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TOMAHAWK, Wis. (WSAW) - While some prefer to be inside during the cold temperatures, others are preferring to be outside. One Tomahawk couple is spending roughly 40 hours total to build a rainbow igloo.

“It’s nice and sunny, it’s a beautiful day actually,” rainbow igloo builder, Michelle Arnott said. “I saw this other lady doing an igloo and I thought it was so cool and I wanted to make one.”

Arnott does stained-glass windows for a living. “I love color,” she explained. And while she and her husband Brian were off for the holidays, they took on a challenge to build their first rainbow igloo.

“We’re both pretty ambitious and both like figuring things out and like a challenge and thought this would be fun,” she said.

So far, the couple has spent 25 hours worth of work on the igloo, and they say teamwork makes the dream work.

“My husband’s been really good about not putting two yellows next to one another because he knows that would drive me nuts,” she said.

They use 9x13 foiled tins to hold the food-colored ice while it freezes overnight. It has taken 300 ice blocks to get to where the igloo stood Sunday. But Michelle said the most difficult part is “figuring out the angles...we’ve had three blocks fall on us so far.”

“You can learn how to do anything on YouTube,” Arnott said, each ice block is laid strategically, “now we can use the purple one,” and carefully.

“It’s kind of like laying brick,” Brian said. A slushie-snow mix is then used to act as cement. “It’ll hold into place really good, but you do need a really cold day for these angled ones,” Michelle said.

After asking her if this would be an annual build, she said “I would say yes, but my husband would say no, and we actually just had this conversation last night because I had ideas for next year, the colors I wanted to do...but yes I have big plans but maybe I can recruit somebody else.”

The couple said the igloo should be done within the next couple of days. When it is, they said it will be lit up for people when they drive by.

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