Healthy diet is critical to preventing cancer

Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 7:57 AM CST
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - As New Year’s goals are set, healthy eating remains a popular resolution. Health experts say nutrition is critical to overall health and it can be critical in preventing cancer.

“There’s some evidence that having excess weight and just an improper diet may increase your chances for cancer and other chronic diseases,” said Marshfield Clinic Clinical Dietician Kaitlyn Klomstad.

Evidence also shows eating healthier doesn’t have to be hard. Health experts suggest we start by editing that grocery list and use the My Plate Model.

“Focus more on fresh fruits and vegetables, making half your plate plants-based,” said Klomstad. “Choosing a whole grain for 1/4 of the plate, and then a lean source of protein. These foods tend to be higher in vitamins and minerals and contain things like fidochemicals which can help prevent somebody from getting cancer.”

Set yourself up for success by planning your meals ahead of time.

“Some people take Sundays to meal prep for the whole week so things are ready to go, have veggies and fruits already preportioned out so it’s more of a grab-and-go rather than each night having to come up with a whole meal and struggle to figure out what you need to have that day,” said Klomstad.

Finally, stick to the advice you get from your trusted health experts.

“There’s so many different things out there, fad diets, a lot of misconceptions, a lot of false information about eating well or diets to lose weight so I think just really focusing more on whole foods, and getting the correct portion sizes are two main things.”

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