Minnesota-based ‘Bus Stop Mamas’ helps moms find flexible work

Published: Jan. 7, 2022 at 5:23 AM CST
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(WEAU) -Women around the world have been deeply affected by the pandemic, both at work and at home.

Nearly 6 million women have left the workforce since February 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Bus Stop Mamas, a Minnesota-based company is on a mission to get moms back into the workforce.

The tech platform helps connect companies to moms looking for flexible work.

What started back in 2019 as a way to address the untapped workforce has become a network of about 7,000 moms, including right here in the Chippewa Valley, back at work in person, part remote or fully remote.

“Everybody knows who mom is, and everybody knows who she is, and what she sacrificed and so our story is easy to relate to and it’s readily understood because we know who’s sitting on the sidelines,” says founder Mary Kay Ziniewicz.

Companies post job openings to the platform and there’s just one requirement: positions must be flexible.

Those interested in the openings click a button that says “Introduce Me” and they’re immediately connected to the employer via email.

Bus Stop Mamas has moms with PHds to GEDs and everything in between.

Ziniewicz of Roseville, who is a working mom herself, says COVID-19 hit working moms the hardest.

Prior to the pandemic these moms had the flexibility to get out of the house, now nearly two years in, moms are still having to put careers on the sidelines, home busy cooking, cleaning, sanitizing, feeding, and being full time teachers to their kids at home.

Ziniewicz says if moms can find a job that flexes as their child matures, Bus Stop Mamas is a way to do that.

“We spearhead flexible work, employers that come to us and post jobs on our platform know that they’re reaching her, know that she has children, know that she has children somewhere, car seat, bus seat, driver seat and beyond and is eager to get back to work in a capacity that works for her and her family,” Ziniewicz says.

Bus Stop Mamas continues to grow one mama at a time, so far they have worked with about 500 companies.

Signing up for moms is completely free and once they do, jobs are sent to them in a weekly newsletter where they are able to look for jobs that work best for them.

While the company works mostly with moms, they have placed dads in positions too.

To join the Bus Stop Mamas network or to learn more about the Twin Cities-based company, see here.

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