Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 2:18 PM CST
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I would like to nominate the staff of the Black River Memorial Hospital for the Sunshine Award. On Saturday, November 13th, Steven, my best friend and I were working outside in the cold terminating wires for the back-up solar system he has been helping me build. I really don’t like the cold and I cough every time I breathe in cold air. So that night I had the chills a little bit but thought it was from being in the cold so long that day. The next morning I felt pretty good so we went to church at Hillside Community Church in Neillsville. Sunday night I started feeling ill and each day I would get worse. I couldn’t drink and became dehydrated. All I did was lay in bed. At this point my children were worried I would die so they asked, “Mommy, we need to do something to help Daddy!” That is when Leanne tried to call Tina Opelt, a nurse practitioner, to see what we should do. She wasn’t available but her nurse told us to go to the emergency room. My son, Jonah, drove Leanne and I to the Black River Falls Hospital an hour and a half from my house in the country. He had to drive because my wife had Covid too. We were both put in one room in the ER. They monitored her until after this wonderful meal of meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy and then they let her go home. My family had to leave me here all alone, as with Covid you cannot have visitors. I was so sad to see them leave. I was thinking I could die. The hospital staff pumped me full of medication with multiple IV bags and steroids. They wanted to give me remdesivir but Leanne and I decided that we did not feel that was right for us. The doctors respected our decision and did not give me that. This is when I knew that Leanne had picked the right hospital. All the beds were full at the hospital and they wanted to send me elsewhere but I refused. Then they thought I had a blood clot so I got a CAT scan. Finally after being in the ER for almost 12 hours I got a room. The staff here took great care of me and I started getting better in two days and then my O2 dropped. They put me on high oxygen and then they did another x-ray and my lungs were totally fogged up. I immediately was administered two IVs of antibiotics and blood thinners. After three days I was able to go home. The day I was going to go home was so exciting. I had my big breakfast and then the doctor helped me understand how I could continue to heal at home. The nurse went over everything again and verified where I wanted my prescriptions to go and read through the release checklist. I then texted my wife to start her one and a half hour journey to retrieve her husband and father to our children. My last meal was two large pieces of baked cod with seasoned rice, butter, peas, and peaches. I ate peaches at every meal and two cans of V8. I finished my food and got dressed and patiently waited for what seemed like hours. Finally the wheel chair arrived and I was brought to Leanne and Jonah. I made it through this hospital stay because I love to eat and they actually have a menu to order from. All the food tasted like it came from one of those family restaurants we all love to go to. Then comes the truly loving care I received from everyone. They would get me extra V8 juice as I found that would help my terrible cough. When the nurses and the CNAs would have extra time, they would listen to me talk about my family and my life and how I got my name, Wolfgang. I would ask them to tell me abut their lives as I only could talk for a couple of minutes before I would have a coughing attack. I really felt that they were caring for one of their own family. Each time anyone entered my room they had to put a new gown on and then remove it when leaving. One time someone couldn’t get their gown off. She had to come to me and I was able to get the knot out. They made sure I got cleaned up each morning with a new gown. One morning at around 3:00am when I couldn’t sleep, a nurse helped me take a relaxing hot shower. When I tried to get up from the shower chair I almost fell but she caught me, thankfully. She then rubbed lotion on my back and even washed my underwear for me as I only had one pair. I am still so weak. I cannot work as I get winded just walking to the bathroom. Now I wait until I can get back to normal. I used to work 15-hour days with my business to support all of us, as all my kids are still at home. But now I am just a shell of a man with a family and friends that love and take care of me. I know that God’s healing touch is on me. There have been so many friends and family praying for me. I truly believe God used his power to guide my recovery and had his touch on everyone that was involved with my care. Thank you to all the staff from the Black River Falls Hopsital.

Wolfgang Czarnecki

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