Coulee Region voters rally against gerrymandered redistricting maps

Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 5:06 PM CST
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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) - A group of voters in the Coulee Region are trying to keep the State Supreme Court accountable as the redistricting process nears an end.

RepresentUs and the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition put together 16 rallies across the state Friday, as lawmakers decide on voting maps that will be in effect for the next decade.

“We’re hoping to draw attention to the Supreme Court, and just let them know that Wisconsinites are paying attention,” Organizer Connor Glassen said. “We’re alert, we’re aware, and we are watching.”

State Senator Brad Pfaff attended a rally in La Crosse’s Cameron Park, urging for balanced voting practices through fair maps.

“Redistricting reflects the current population, whereas gerrymandering plays political games,” Pfaff said. “ Gerrymandering allows one political party to have more say than the next political party, and I think that breaks down trust.”

Pfaff would prefer to see Wisconsin adopt a process similar to Iowa, where a nonpartisan commission creates voting maps.

As it stands now, the Republican controlled House and Senate approved legislative and congressional maps in November, only to have them vetoed by Governor Evers.

Despite the overall disconnect between the parties, Pfaff assures there are Republicans who also want fair voting maps.

“They recognize the fact that the best system is a government in which we can reach consensus,” Pfaff added. “That we can find common ground, and the way to do that is by having competitive seats.”

Glassen would prefer to see the “least changes” map submitted by Evers be adopted, but overall, he hopes that voters will be heard.

“Wisconsinites want fair maps, that anyone should be able to run for the seat and have a relatively decent chance of winning the seat,” Glassen expressed. “You bring your voters out, and you run your election, you run your campaign, and you see where the votes fall, but right now we don’t really have that system.”

A decision on redistricting is expected to be made in the coming weeks.

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