Take a Stand Against Meth campaign is using virtual reality in its fight against drugs

Published: Jan. 22, 2022 at 6:50 PM CST
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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) - One Chippewa County group is adding a new tool to its fight against drug use.

The Take a Stand Against Meth campaign created an online virtual reality, 360-degree room simulation called Hidden in Plain Sight.

“Where you can search this room and kind of walk around the room virtually, 360-degrees, and look at different items that you wouldn’t know could actually be a hiding in plain sight item,” Chippewa County Criminal Services Director, Rose Baier said.

The goal is to give people, especially parents, an idea of where drugs can be hidden in everyday objects.

“I think a lot of parents just have no idea that some of these hidden items are available for purchase right on the internet,” Baier said. “if you suspect something’s going on with your child, it’s important to have the knowledge to be able to know what you might be looking for in a room and also have the permission to actually go in and search your child’s room further.”

Baier says Hidden in Place is a physical room they use for community events, but because of the pandemic, it was hard to get there in person.

“I had thought if we could make it into a virtual 360-degree type tour where parents could access it online, that would be able to hit a broader audience,” Baier said.

Hidden in Plain Sight challenges you to find 38 items that you wouldn’t think could hide drugs or drug-related items.

Sergeant Stephen McMahon with the Chippewa Falls Police Department is a part of the project.

“Our role was kind of to help them explain certain items, explain what we would be looking for, some of the trends we’re seeing as well,” McMahon said. “Information and ideas on if parents are locating items like this in their room, how law enforcement can help.”

McMahon believes the website will open people’s minds to what’s out there.

“I think people would be like, wait what? That’s where you can hide stuff? And then when you click on it you can see how it opens up and how people are using it,” McMahon said.

Giving people options for intervention and prevention against drugs.

“We can come in and help, especially with children or juveniles, help intervene in the beginning,” McMahon said. “Doesn’t mean your kids got to get in trouble, but at least we’re getting the stuff out of there and we can give you options on programs that are in our community to help your kids out.”

The simulation also contains additional resources like signs to look out for if you suspect your child to someone you know may be using drugs.

To access the Hidden in Plain sight simulation, click here.

To learn more about the Take a Stand Against Meth Campaign, click here.

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