Ashley Peggs shares new life challenges

Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 7:30 PM CST
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -Nearly two years ago, Ashley Peggs’ world came crashing down.

“I had to find out a lot that was going on with my ex-husband throughout the news broadcast just along with everybody else, so it was a lot of rollercoasters of emotions,” said Ashley Peggs, ex-wife of Dan Peggs.

She thought the actions of her ex-husband were behind her when he was sentenced on federal child pornography charges last month.

“In the process of us selling the house and moving the girls and finding a new place for us that is more affordable for us, it’s just been a lot of change and a lot of uncertainty,” said Peggs.

However, a new year is bringing new challenges. A month after Dan Peggs, Former Superintendent of Altoona School District was sentenced, Ashley received a sentence of her own: cervical cancer.

“It’s just a bit shock to the system to hear the words stage three come out of the doctors mouth and thinking about what all that would mean for myself and for the girls moving forward,” said Peggs.

Moving forward, when every step leads to the unknown. It’s a place familiar to Ashley.

“I start getting too far ahead of myself,” she said. “I start getting anxious and have to slow myself down.”

Slowing down isn’t an option now. Ashley has countless hours of road trips and treatment ahead of her such as 30-minutes of radiation everyday for 4-weeks and chemo one day a week for 4-hours, both of those in Eau Claire.

One day a week she’ll need to be in Madison for six hours of internal radiation, which can only be administered while she’s under anesthesia.

“Looking at what that looks like for a single parent with 4 small children,” said Peggs. “Having to learn to navigate the system, looking at what Badger Care.. It is a challenge to navigate that system, it’s been a learning curve for sure.”

Ashley is not alone in this process.

“She’s been knocked down a lot and she gets back up, so that’s just amazing to see and her children see that,” said Brooke Kaldor, Counselor at Altoona School District and Ashley’s friend. “So she gets knocked down and get back up and her friends, and her community and her family are here to help her get back up on those times when it seem very hard.”

Kaldor met Ashley during the last two traumatic years. She joined forces with more of Ashley’s friends to launch a gofundme.

“Taking action is something that I can do and that others can do and I think that’s why the gofundme site has received so positively because people want to do something,” said Kaldor.

For Ashley Peggs, everything she does is for her four young daughters.

Her hope is people hear her story and use it to overcome their own struggles. It’s a strength she gets thanks to the support she continues to receive.

“It’s like a big extended family and they really just wrapped us up and it gives us a lot of strength knowing that we have so many people weathering the storm with us,” said Peggs.

Once again using a dark cloud in her life to inspire a silver lining for others.

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