Josef’s Cheesecake serves up new “Sweet Heart Cheesecake Challenge”

Published: Feb. 12, 2022 at 9:09 PM CST
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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) - Valentine’s day is just a few days away and to bring out the spirit of love, Josef’s Cheesecake in Chippewa Falls dished out an extra sweet challenge.

Josef’s hosted a new “Sweet Heart Cheesecake Challenge” Saturday in Chippewa Falls at Harley Davidson.

“We always talked about doing something like this, but we just never have,” Josef’s Cheesecake owner, Nicholas Wiener said.

Wiener says this isn’t something he normally does but decided to give it a shot.

“We took our full-size cheesecake which is typically 10 pounds of cheesecake, but we cut it down a little bit to make it easier on them,” Wiener said. “So, it will be a seven-pound cheesecake they’ll try and challenge and two giant milkshakes.”

YouTube personalities, competitive eaters, and sweethearts in their own right, Randy Santel and Katina Eat Kilos (Katina Dejarnett) teamed up to conquer the massive cheesecake.

“The goal today is to beat the cheesecake or at least get most of it down under twenty minutes because then after that we’re going to be in pain but we’ll be in pain together so it’s just going to be precious and fun,” Santel said.

Dejarnett was on the same page as Santel with trying to get through the food challenge as quickly as possible.

“The quicker you eat sugar the easier it is so we’re probably going to be a little messy, I’ll probably look like Bruce from Matilda but that’s alright,” Dejarnett said.

To add more to the sugar rush, the pair each had a one-liter milkshake to finish as well.

Santel went with a peanut butter one, while Dejarnett took a different route.

“I got to pick my own flavor milkshake and I’m a big fan of coffee so I went with Carmel macchiato so that should be delightful,” Dejarnett said.

With a crowd, in-person and streaming online, Santel and Dejarnett finished the entire seven-pound cheesecake and massive milkshakes.

The couple put their forks down to finish with a time of 28 minutes and 4 seconds.

“I’m very honored that people are showing up. We’re very proud of our cheesecake,” Wiener said.

Both Santel and Katina say they enjoy being able to go to places like Josef’s Cheesecake to highlight the people that put so much soul and love into their food.

Wiener says he might consider doing food challenges like the sweetheart one in the future.

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