Lakeshore Music teacher honored with Golden Apple award

Published: Feb. 14, 2022 at 8:03 AM CST
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - It’s week three of the Golden Apple awards. An opportunity for WEAU along with the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation to honor educators and staff in the Eau Claire Area School District.

“And so I’m really pleased to announce that this year’s golden apple goes to Ms. Gransee-Paral, our music teacher. So what I want everyone to do right now is give her a round of applause (clapping).”

The always enthusiastic Lakeshore Elementary principal Colleen Miner making the Golden Apple presentation to Corrine Gransee-Paral in front of her music class. Corrine believes music is an important tool in all her students educational journey.

“It encompasses the whole child and so it helps them academically when they are reading notation and learning those type or reading skills and writing skills. But it allows them to be joyful, they move they sing they play they dance they create, it allows everything to happen at once. And so it feeds the soul as well as feeding the brain and the body and the spirit. And it helps them to feel part of a community and so it helps hit all those social-emotional areas as well,” says Gransee-Paral.

Miner believes Gransee-Paral says having music part of students curriculum is extremely beneficial.

“My office is next to the music room, so I get to hear throughout the day the kids singing when they are able to, playing music, playing recorders and it’s pure joy because the kids are enjoying it so much. And we’ve been told many times when we’ve had or been able to hold concerts and whatnot that our kids music ability was beautiful and that’s all to Corinne,” explains Miner.

Ms. Gransee-Paral and Lakeshore Elementary will split $1,000 in grant funding from the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation and Corrine will also receive a beautiful golden apple crystal at the awards banquet on April 14th.

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