Published: Mar. 28, 2022 at 1:46 PM CDT
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On behalf of the staff and students of Menomonie High School, the Ladies of Room 106 would like to nominate Mr. David Kile as a recipient of the WEAU Sunshine Award.   Mr. Dave is a self-proclaimed “Professional Broom Pusher” (a.k.a. janitor) but we all know that title isn’t befitting enough for all that he does for all of us at MHS.  To start, Mr. Kile is the head custodian of MHS.  He oversees the day-to-day operation of the building and provides detailed directives to the custodians that work evenings and events.   Dave’s attention to detail and work ethic is truly extraordinary.  He routinely goes above and beyond to see that staff’s needs are met and that we have exactly what we need so we can focus on the needs of our students and not the needs of our physical classroom.  Dave meticulously documents all our needs in his little notebook and wastes no time in doing the work himself or delegating the task so that he can cross them off.   Dave recently returned after a month and a half recovery from a hip replacement and oh, did we miss him!  Despite the efforts of the other custodial staff, you could tell that MHS didn’t have “Dave’s Touch”.    On his first day back, Dave picked right up where he left off and began documenting those needs in his little notebook, getting the tasks done and crossing them off. Dave also needs to be recognized for his compassionate, “make the world a better place” persona.  Dave has been mentoring a former student at MHS for a couple of years now.  This young man never saw school as a place where he belonged.  Academics were a challenge for him and he didn’t fit in with any of the social groups at school.  Dave gave this young man an opportunity to assist him with janitorial responsibilities during the school day and became the friend the student desperately needed.  These first responsibilities were given to this young man a few years ago. Since then, this young man has become a permanent employee at MHS, following in Dave’s footsteps and pursuing excellence as a custodian. This young man’s entire demeanor and future has changed because of Dave.  Rumor has it that Dave has even had an active role in helping this young man obtain his driver’s license!

Dave is a regular reader in our classroom for students with significant intellectual disabilities.  Students and staff are captivated by Dave as he reads his favorite children’s books in his many different funny voices!  We have tried to return his many good deeds to our classroom by taking good care of him.  On his birthday last year, we tricked Dave into thinking that our toilet was overflowing in our bathroom.  When he showed up with a mop and bucket in hand, we surprised him with an accolade of birthday wishes and a treat!  He still thought we had an overflowing toilet though!

In addition to being head custodian, Dave can be seen jamming out behind the drum set in various musical pit crews in Menomonie and surrounding communities, most recently playing in Little Shoppe of Horrors at MHS and now preparing Beauty and the Beast at Boyceville High School. He is also a drummer for the Ludington Guard Band. He can be seen in action every Tuesday night throughout the summer months.  Dave has been a proud supporter of the Special Olympics for many years in honor of his daughter, Megan, who has Down Syndrome. He has made “the plunge” dressed up in a variety of costumes.  Dave is also a retired Marine.  He was asked to deliver the keynote address to the MHS student body this past Veteran’s Day.  Dave’s message was clear: each of us is called to a different type of service.  We must respond to our callings by offering the best that we have.  That’s exactly what Dave does each and every day in Menomonie.

Leslie Schmidt (Ladies of Room 106)

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