‘Jack the Magnificent’ hoofin’ his way around Eau Claire communities

The pony in training, is more than just a four legged handsome guy, he is well on his way to being a therapy horse within the Chippewa Valley community.
Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 5:26 AM CDT
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -A year ago, on Hello Wisconsin we introduced you to one mini horse in training and we thought it was time for an update on the equine/trainer duo.

Standing 36 inches tall at 6-years-young, Jack the Magnificent is Eau Claire’s ‘pony next door’.

“He’s a really good neighbor,” laughs Rose Johnson, Jack’s owner. “He’s quiet, he’s friendly, he’s very discrete.”

You maybe have spotted the mini horse and his trainer Rose taking a trot around the block, but if not, with spring on its way, you’'ll be seeing a horse-of-a-lot more of the equine/trainer duo.

“We’ve had to teach him they’re busy jack, and he’s like no they’re not busy, they want to talk to me, I’m pretty sure,” says Rose.

Rose has been around horses her entire life but after a bad accident that left her partially paralyzed, she didn’t know if she’d ever get back on the horse, then she met Jack.

“I just fell in love and then it was just how do we make it happen,” says Rose. “He was for me first, it’s a scary thing to be around horses again when that’s what took you out you know, and he’s little enough that he’s not frightening.”

Now Rose wants to do for the community, what Jack has done for her.

“So he’s found his purpose in life you know, to make people smile,” Rose laughs as Jack shows off.

But Rose says, they have a ways to go as most therapy horses are between the ages of 9 and 11.

“He’s just training to get used to sights and sounds and people, he’s really young,” Rose says. Which means kids, that’s your que.

“He’s met kids that were going through some major health issues, and people that were in crisis, there are so many stories about the people he’s touched....and he’s certainly blessed me,” Rose says.

He’s come a long way just in the last year, for example learning to carry a rider and yes, lots of tricks.

“I taught him to smile this summer and now he won’t quit,” laughs Rose.

A mini horse living up to his name Rose says, “but he is, he’s totally magnificent.”

Now eventually when he comes of age and learns to stand still, be less spooky, Rose hopes he can be of great service to area nursing homes and hospitals.

You can follow his journey on his Facebook page Jack the Magnificent.

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