Rep. Tom Tiffany speaks on border control issues

Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 9:23 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Republican Tom Tiffany just got back from a trip to the Arizona-Mexico border Wednesday where he met with officials about migrant crossings.

Title 42 allowed border patrol to expel migrants from the U.S. if they were from countries with high covid rates without paperwork or hearings. That rule expires Saturday, but Representative Tiffany says it should stay on the books for now.

Tiffany says the last two years has seen a dramatic rise in migrants entering the U.S., and if Title 42 ends, that will continue to increase.

“Now the border patrol is really just babysitters. They’re sending people on through, and we saw that last year with nearly two million migrants that came into the United States,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany cites national security, drugs and human trafficking as his chief reasons to keep title 42 in place and says crime is driving the current surge.

“It is the drug lords in Mexico that control the Mexico side of the border, and that’s why this stuff’s just been flowing into the United States,” he said.

Tiffany accuses the White House of enabling those cartels.

“The Biden Administration has turned our government into really the largest human trafficking operation in the world at this point that is complicit with the drug lords on the Mexico side,” he said.

Many Republicans say the White House’s attempts to reinstate mask mandates on public transportation as reason enough to keep Title 42.

“I would think they’d want to be consistent, and say ‘We also want to continue the pandemic restrictions on the border,” Tiffany said.

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