Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 1:38 PM CDT
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I want to nominate Terry Kleinhans of the Evergreen Surgical and the RN’s and CNA’s on the surgical floor of HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital and especially Anna B., and Roxy D. with the Sunshine Award.

The first is Terry Kleinhans. Terry works very hard on second shift as a CNA. She always goes beyond her duties to help her patients. I have been in and out for several months and staying for long periods of time. She is always kind and caring. She makes sure that when you need something she gets it for you. I feel she is very deserving of this recognition.

During my time at Sacred Heart, Anna was always there as a RN. She even came into my room when I needed extra support. She took the time to stand there and hold my hand and let me squeeze it as hard as I wanted to when I was in so much pain. She always came in when she was my nurse with the warmest smiling eyes. She is a super awesome RN and a very special person! She deserves this award for always being there and the kindness she has shown me through my hospital stay.

Roxy has been there since almost day one of my hospital stay. I had her for a CNA. She kept me moving when it was critical that I walked. She also went above and beyond her duties by washing my hair and putting lotion on my dry skin and she motivated me with pep talks when I was feeling low and almost ready to give up. She was extremely kind to me and my husband during the worst of times. She deserves to be recognized for the exceptional care that she gave me.


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